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Selling with your voice is easy! All you need to do is use your voice to engage your customer, client, and patient. When you sound open, professional and engaging, people will relax, listen and be much more inclined to buy.

Having control over HOW you sound sells your ideas, your services, your expertise, and your products. It is not only what you are saying, but how you SOUND when you say it that makes all the difference.

When you change your speaking voice you change your life. You get the competitive edge and become an outstanding communicator by developing your voice.

How much confidence, energy, and enthusiasm does your voice radiate when you speak about your ideas, services or products? Your vocal sound is what people react to first and then they listen to what you’re saying. Experts say that in a telephone conversation, 80% of your persuasiveness comes from your speaking voice and 20% from what you say. Most people don’t realize that the sound of their voice is an important and determining factor as to whether someone buys.

Unleash the magic in your voice. John, a young 30 year old scientist, was holding his voice back on purpose and sounding flat and monotone, because as he said, that is how all the other scientists speak. However, he continued, now that I am advancing in my career and doing a lot of presentations at science conferences I realize that this way of speaking is not helping me reach my goal of being an excellent communicator.

Say it again, please? Manish, born and raised in India with 22 years of living in the US, still heard that plea over and over again from his financial clients. I said that when it comes to money people are pretty nervous especially these days, and outstanding communication is essential.

In the first voice session, he quickly learned the value of slowing his speaking rate and saying his words clearly. In his words,” when I slow down it gives me time to think about what I am saying and how I am saying it”. He was simply amazed at how there was less confusion between what was going on in his mind and what he was actually saying. Before this “ah-hah” moment, like most people he just start speaking as fast as his ideas were popping into his head. Saying the same thing twice with different words and often stumbling over his words and using a lot of “ah’s” and “Uhm’s”.

How your Voice can build Client Relationships

The most powerful way to build new client relationships and retain established ones, is to use your voice to create a trusting, comfortable, personal relationship face to face, over the telephone, through a live streaming video or webinar.

The 80/20 marketing rule: “A typical business earns approximately 80 percent of its profits from the top 20 percent of its customer base”. Many business people don’t realize that speaking with a confident, energetic voice tone, every time you talk to a client, is the best way to let them know how much you appreciate them.

It really is amazing how changing your speaking voice can positively change your life and the relationships in your life.

Just this week, two business professionals, Marsha in her 60’s and Katie in her 20’s, called for a voice consultation because at work both of their voices were being judged negatively. Marsha was accused of sounding overbearing, bordering on angry by the team that she managed and Katie was told by her boss that she sounded like a child of 12 and that this was undermining her credibility with her real estate clients.