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“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.”
Les Brown, renowned motivational speaker and authority on human potential

“Why do you want to succeed?”

That is the question I ask all of my clients in their voice power training.

There is one common thread throughout the many answers I receive....

 You want to have enough money to have the freedom to do whatever you want in life.

So what does having freedom mean to you?  Here are some of the answers you stated.

You want to...

  • Work for yourself and avoid having to work for anyone else ever again.
  • Give back.
  • Work less and “play” more.
  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Help other people live better.
  • Travel more.

All of these reasons just scratch the surface.

Identifying the reasons why you want to succeed is an important activity. To quote Les Brown again,

“The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the “buts” you use today.”

However is having a good list of reasons all it takes?

I have observed that sometimes people do indeed have a good list of reasons, yet they still struggle to succeed.

Why is this?

It certainly isn’t lack of motivation or opportunity. There are plenty of tools available to help and coaches and mentors to show you the way.

So what’s the simple “often not thought of” thing that makes all the difference?

Here are the steps you need to take to answer that question.

First please define exactly what success is to you. You need to know what success looks like for you, if you expect to get there.

Please get your notebook or get in front of your computer and begin to write a detailed picture of what your success looks like. Get to the details. For example if you want to travel more, how many days a year will you travel?

Next, define how much of a role “outstanding communication” means in achieving your vision. In most professions your ability to communicate is the major differentiator.

I define “outstanding communication” as the ability to speak confidently, clearly, energetically, powerfully, and persuasively in all speaking situations that move you significantly closer to your goals. Take a moment to list the speaking situations specific to your business.

Now that you have these in place, you can see that your ability to communicate is directly linked to your success no matter what your field or profession.

Let me tell you about, John a young marketing manager at a leading national retail store whose vision of success was to open his own unique retail chain. He defined his vision with all the details; however he was a soft spoken man who sounded timid, and monotone.

To reach his goal, he needed to communicate with many and varied people to say nothing of persuading investors and in his words “I need to sound confident, authoritative, powerful and enthusiastic”

Investing in his speech was the foundational piece that would give him the supreme confidence needed for every sale, conversation, and presentation that he would face along his journey.

With voice training he would have complete control of his voice and the impression he makes. His voice would be low pitched; well–projected, articulate, expressive, loud enough and he would speak with passion and good pacing and phrasing.

Speaking powerfully, clearly and confidently is what makes you an effective communicator and communicating effectively in business accelerates both your professional and personal progress.

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