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  1. Learning to speak at a consistent speaking rate @ 150 words per minute.
  2. Clear pronunciation: starting with all the American Consonants.
  3. Word stress – knowing where the heavy accented syllable is and being able to hear 3 degrees of stress in a polysyllabic word.
  4. Separating nouns and verbs by using the correct stress (to survey versus /the survey)
  5. Difficult American sounds for foreign speakers: R, L, TH, T,
  6. Speaking consonants clearly when opening and closing syllables in a polysyllabic word.
  7. Correct pronunciation of frequently used words
  8. Correct word order
  9. Proper grammar
  10. Most frequently mispronounced sounds for the Chinese Speaker and the Indian Speaker.

Voice Power Studios helps you to make a permanent investment in your own success and to gain control over your business future by:

  1. Making social and business communication easier
  2. Improving the clarity of your speech over the telephone
  3. Enabling you to perform at your maximum potential
  4. Increasing your speaking confidence and your professional image.

Do You Want to Speak with Confidence, Clarity & Conviction? 
It’s easy with Sandra McKnight,
International Executive Speech Coach and Accent Reduction Training Coach!

"Sandra is absolutely priceless and her energy is contagious. She helped me become a more confident and dynamic speaker”.
Cathy Huang, Citi Corp.

Read what clients are saying:

“I could not imagine how I would talk to my clients and prospects without our lessons. I am very thankful to you for voice coaching and speech coaching, it helps me to develop my business which is very slow in Japan after Fukushima blast - a lot of companies and foreign employees are leaving”.
Dmitry Hashimoto, Roundup, Tokyo, Japan

Sandra, thank you so much for helping me to project my voice with more confidence and clarity. It is very important since I’m a China communication consultant and English is my second language. I would recommend your voice and accent reduction training to anyone.
Jian Li, Ph.D Connect to China


citi"Sandra is absolutely priceless and her energy is contagious. She helped me become a more confident and dynamic speaker”.
Cathy Huang, Citi Corp.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra.
She is a wonderful and effective voice and speech coach. She not only knows how to improve the mechanics and pronunciation of speech but also has great insight into the psychological and emotional factors that affect one’s speech”.
Amer Al-Nahhas, President Spaw Glass Civil Construction, Inc.

BASF"Sandra, thanks a lot for the difference you have made!
Sandra trains not only technical pronunciation skills but more importantly the attitude that is essential to projecting a public persona. By speaking more confidently, you become more confident. She does not need to know your language but can equally help you with speaking better in your own language".
MahChu-Louis Wong, BASF, Asia.

A great voice advances your career, increases your income and leads to success.

Sandra is unique in the field of telephone accent reduction training and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and interviewed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and many other publications regarding her expertise in improving executive speaking skills.

Many executives from international companies/corporations like Microsoft, Intel, Ernest & Young China, Comcast, Northrop Grumman, MCI, have successfully benefited from Sandra’s executive voice and speech coaching and now speak with more command, confidence, clarity, authority, persuasiveness and power.

Her executive accent reduction training by telephone which is flexible and convenient, teaches you to be an outstanding communicator not only in live presentations but also in teleconferences, video conferences, international/cross cultural business meetings, webinars, telesales calls, interviews, negotiations & customer retention calls, which is how most business today is conducted nationally and world-wide.

The goal of Voice Power Studios’ Accent Reduction Training and American Accent Training program is to help the bilingual or multilingual foreign speaker, no matter what his original language, be more easily and readily understood by the American listener. Rather than speaking with a perfect American accent which takes away from your cultural identity, we help our clients to communicate more easily and effectively in Standard American English and acquire more of an American accent.

Over 25 years of training, many clients have told me that their accent and lack of American Pronunciation was holding them back.  They were hesitant to talk in meetings or with US colleagues. They talked too fast and were nervous to slow their speech in front of an audience. Their colleagues continually asked them to repeat themselves and in some cases were not willing to include them in team meetings because of their speech.

A recent client, who is the president of a computer technology company, spoke English with a Japanese, Portuguese accent and at a very fast speed. He confided that most of the time the English speaking employees could not understand him and this was his motivation for working with his American Pronunciation.  He went on to say that oddly enough other foreign speakers could understand his English better than Americans. I said that I feel the reason for that is that people who speak more than one language, which many Americans don’t, have more tolerance and are used to listening to English being spoken with an accent. However combining a heavy accent with talking very quickly definitely hinders effective business communication.

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