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Listen to Sandra’s recorded responses to the 15 most common voice issues.

To use your voice to be more successful & advance your career, listen to the responses & decide which issues apply to your voice.
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1. Do you feel your voice projects power and self-confidence?

2. Do you have energy and enthusiasm in your voice?

3. Does your voice resonate authority and believability?

4. Do you keep 90% of your listener's attention when you are speaking?

5. Do you know how you sound and the affect your voice has on others?

6. Does your voice convey your thoughts and emothions accurately?

7. Do you speak too fast or too slow?

8. Do you speak too loud or too soft and timidly?

9. Do you speak in a monotone with no excitement and vitality?

10. Is your pronunciation clear and easily understood?

11. Do you appear preoccupied and nervous sounding?

12. Do you use many filler words like "So", "Um" and "Uh"?

13. Does your voice engage the heart, mind and imagination of the listener?

14. Are you earning the respect and trust of your business colleagues and the public by communicating effectively?

15. Do you speak with an accent that makes it difficult for people to understand you?

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