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Do you know how you Sound when you talk?

Do you Sound Authentic and like you can be Trusted?

Do you watch how your listener reacts as you are talking?

Most speakers only pay attention to the words they say. Why? Because we are all taught from an early age that The Message is Everything!

In truth, it takes 7 seconds or less for your client to react to your voice and to decide whether to listen or believe in what you are saying.....

You’ve heard the old sales adage, “If they trust you they buy from you”. What makes them trust you and believe in what you say?

In today’s hyped and highly marketed world, speakers who sound Authentic get the ATTENTION. Listen to Blake Edwards of “The Voice” in his Pizza Hut Pizza commercial. He says, “You can trust me I’m a celebrity.”! Do you believe him?

Finally, each conversation is new and each listener unique. Powerful and persuasive conversationalists pay attention to the face, eyes, and verbal cues of the listener and adjust their voice to the listener’s specific reactions.

Manish, a brilliant executive of a leading financial services company, decided to start his own business. One month into it he realized that being an entrepreneur required him to be on 24/7; motivating and inspiring his team and acquiring financial backing, investors and clients. He actually said my voice gets tired and lacks energy and enthusiasm after a couple of hours of talking. In addition he talked fast with a foreign accent.

Never before did he realize how important his speech was. “I wish I had taken your course when I was 21 years old. I feel sure it would have benefited me in my career. I would have moved up the corporate ladder much quicker by sounding this confident, persuasive and self-assured. I also can’t believe how simple it is to achieve. That there is a step by step process supported by a series of exercises that gives permanent results.

Manish knew he sounded monotone and boring, however, now he was taking steps to change it by learning to breathe correctly, and project his voice. He also became an expert at emphasizing the most meaningful words in his sentences by changing pitch and volume. Doing this brought out his natural expressiveness and made him a much more dynamic speaker.

His team felt inspired and motivated by his engaging, honest and warm tone of voice. His investors and clients trusted in his credibility and expertise. Having command of his speech and his communication gave him the confidence to not only concentrate on what he was saying and how he was saying it, but also to be with the “moment to moment” reactions of his audience. In those moments you have the power to persuade.

That is when” You have the audience in the palm of your hand!”

I am dedicated to helping you sound confident, powerful and persuasive! After 25 years of teaching, I know that an engaging voice is the secret to being an outstanding communicator.

Enjoy the warm days of summer!

Speak With Power and Confidence.

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