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microsoftSandra is a great speech coach and very skilled at bringing out the actor in us all. She opened my eyes to the potential that can be realized if executive speaking is performed in a way that connects with people through energy, personal emotion and voice. I look at my executive speaking in an entirely new way and the results have been very rewarding.
Barry Ridgway, VP of Sales and Marketin, Latin America, Microsoft Corporation

intelSandra has really helped me and others in our organization to get our messages across clearly and effectively to our people.
Keith Reese, Vice President, Intel Corporation

comcastSandra's energy, humor and commitment to providing excellent customer service is evident. She helped to raise the awareness of our associates of the power of the voice to raise the success of a call and gave tangible techniques to do that.
Lisa Dettweiler, Vice President, Comcast, Inc.

trw logo smThe speech coaching of Sandra in our oral proposal presentation was absolutely outstanding and clearly instrumental in our winning a most significant TRW contract.
Jim Lozito, Senior Manager, TRW

mciThank you. You were able to come up with exactly what we were looking for... help with communication. It was fun, interactive and unique. Our supervisors all commented how easy it was to connect with you... letting us know where our strengths and weaknesses were...
Lorraine Cruz, Sales Supervisor, MCI Telecommunications

microsoftIt was very stretching but wonderful experiences for last 3 months. I have learned many things and practices lots of words and sentences during sessions and afterwards. You have been teaching me how to use project management skills to reduce my accents and increase the voice power. My coworkers and myself have seen improvements on my spoken English in both daily work and presentations. I will continue to apply what you have pointed out in next 3 months, especially not trailing words, slowing down and enunciating any single consonant, and ‘R’ sounds. I would definitely recommend you to others.
-Guang-an Wu, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio team

hpSandra, thank you for your time and laying out the detailed results.   A lot of the results are obvious to me as well and our investment with Alex & you I know will pay off.
David Fortune | WW Go To Market Planning & Strategy, Hewlitt Packard

netting solutions logo smI recommend Sandra for accent reduction and voice coaching. She was very effective in detecting specific issues that I needed to improve to make me a better speaker, designed a training path to improve them and provided  support material that allowed me to practice on my own. I was always looking forward to each call with her!
Juan M Martinez, Account Manager, Nettingsolutions

bacardi smSandra has played an important role in helping me find my own voice. Her pragmatic approach and positive encouragement made our sessions very enjoyable. I am grateful for her guidance and support.  I have no hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to further develop oneself."
Tsang raymond leslie, HR, Barcardi, China

symantec logo 50"Sandra is a fantastic speaking coach that you should line up to have in your corner.  I signed up for the executive speaking lessons and she took me through a remarkable journey.  Begining with the basics for good speech, she progressed the lessons to advanced techniques and finer points of speaking.  She also follows up with a email summary of the lesson and further tips to remember.  Well worth the time and money.  I highly recomend the executive speaking class for speakers of all levels.
Nagaraj Shyam, Symantec, Inc.

citiSandra's energy is contagious.  She helped me become a more confident and dynamic speaker.  It is absolutely priceless.
Cathy Huang, Citi Corp.

ATT smImmediately after the first class  I noticed a dfference in how I controlled my voice and pitch while conducting my meetings. The focused breathing and specifically talking on the exhale was an eye opener. I am looking forward to the next lesson!
Lunwonda, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AT & T

hpSandra McKnight's coaching and practical exercises made me improve my oral communication, expanding and enpowering my voice.
With the techniques I learned, I can better express and communicate my ideas, my passion, in front of a group or person, in business or social meetings,  with more clarity and confidence. Definetely, I will continue to practice and achieve higher levels of oral communication.
Divaldo Suzuki, Hewlett Packard

BASFSandra trains not only technical vocals skills but more importantly the attitude that is essential to projecting a public persona. By speaking more confidently, you become more confident; and by becoming more confident, you speak more confidently. She does not need to know your language but can equally help you with speaking better in your own language. Sandra, thanks a lot for the difference you have made!
Manchu-louis.wong, BASF, China


Sandra’s speech coaching has allowed me to break beyond the “mechanics” of executive public speaking and to be engaging and charismatic when speaking. Her techniques and approach are great in helping one to find their own voice!
David Grannan, CEO, Geoworks, Inc.

The workshop helped me out to relieve my anxiety from executive public speaking. It gave me more confidence through understanding the mechanisms of public speech and thus assisting me in conveying my message to the audience.
James David Kilpatrick, CEO Far East, Birkart Globistics Ltd. Hong Kong

My client had to give an acceptance speech for a prestigious award in Washington, DC.  With Sandra's artful speech training, he went from good to great in a couple of hours.
Sherry Prud’homme, CEO, Management IQ, LLC <pSandra is a professional at ease with her coaching of voice power that helps a speaker make a lively connection between the speaker and audience. Her work transcends cultural differences with passion and joy.
Eva Wong, President Top Human Technology Limited, China

My experience in the Theater of Life was like finding a new window in my house with a beautiful view that I never knew existed.
Harry Hodge, Facilitator, Fortune 100 Company

Sandra delivers high performance services... changed the way I present and converse... taught me how to tune the customer in... her positive attitude is contagious and it is so much fun.
Ann Riley, New Mexico State Senator, 1992-1996, Economic Developer

I had been looking for a workshop to increase my facilitation skills for a long time. Theater of Life far exceeded my expectations... and was fun!
Douglas Morrison, Consultant/Organizational Change Minneapolis, MN

Your speech training/speech coaching is vital to working persuasively and effectively with people
Wanda Ross Padilla, Coordinator, HCl Facilitator Corps, Santa Fe, NM

Thank you very much for your help and motivation to help me achieve my speaking goals. I am extremely satisfied with the way my voice now works and sounds.  You helped me build a great sounding and healthy vocal technique that will drive success both professionally and personally. If it weren’t for your high standards, I wouldn’t have achieved this level of success with my voice. Thanks again, you’re a great teacher. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone who wants to develop an executive speaking voice.
Aaron Champion, president, Design Build Recruitment

I just shot a video.  This is the best I've ever heard myself sound.  I did a few of your exercises just before the shoot, and then really focused on keeping it slow, supporting with breath, and varying the tonality of my sentence endings. I'm very proud of the progress, and it is thanks to your coaching!
Founder, High Profile Silicone Valley Startup

I want to thank you so much again for taking the time and energy to speak to me today. Your analysis and evaluation of my voice was absolutely invaluable and in a short time you have given me all the tools I need to improve my vocal quality and delivery. I have trained as a singer and actress and no one I've worked with was able to assess and guide me as quickly and accurately as you have. I wish I had met you years ago! But more than that, your patience and insight into my emotional state and how it was effecting my performance was also remarkable and I am so grateful that you made me feel accepted and recognized. This combination of traits makes you an absolute star and I would recommend you above all others to anyone looking for a voice coach.
Zoe  Nossiene

Thank you Sandra. I am really lucky to have worked with you.
Stephen Emenike 

Really, at this point, all I can say is WOW- your guidance and feedback have improved my speaking dramatically. I would definitely never have gotten there without your help. I passed the interview and got the promotion!!
Jean Gottlob, Ed.D., Principal, Pajaro Middle School

Sandra, I thought you'd like to see the client quote below, from a law firm/lawyer ranking that was just published by Chambers.  I never thought I'd see the day, so THANK YOU!!!
Mary McNulty specializes in tax litigation. She handles IRS audits and appeals, offers additional expertise in the field of tax planning, and is regarded as "a great speaker.

I recommend Sandra's sessions for anyone that is trying to improve their speech. I think the phone conversational techniques used in the sessions is a great idea. Most of our communication is on phone these days, so if one learns to speak well on the phone, one could speak well anywhere.
Rajesh Venkataraman

Thank you for empowering me and helping me to tap in to the hidden courage that Voice Powers uncovered and unleashed.   I am confident, in control, passionate and enthusiastic...all as the result of your program. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Patricia Allen, CRPC® , San Francisco Associates

The Gala was a tremendous success both personally and financially.  I was confident, loud, and pleased with my delivery.  Thanks for all your encouragement and counsel.
Margaret Myhan, President Our Lady of Mercy Academy

Sandra's coaching is amazing. I went from shy and struggling to communicate to winning 2nd place in my area Toastmasters Tall Tales speech contest. And I did it in just a few weeks. At my local Toastmasters club they noticed a big improvement in my voice after just 2 sessions with Sandra. I know the confidence I now have in my voice will help immensely in my business.  

Sandra is very adept at finding the better voice you didn’t know you had and in identifying the physical and psychological impediments that have prevented you from achieving that voice.
Jim Leatherberry, CEO, Santa Fe Partners LLC

I am so glad I decided to take voice lessons with Sandra.  The lessons helped to not only improve my speech, but also my self confidence when I speak.  As a result I have had numerous doors opened to me that would not have been possible without the lessons.  If you want to improve your speaking skills and take your career and/or business to the next level, I highly recommend Sandra's lessons.
Gail Magood

Ms McKnight voice power course is awesome, course provides the essential tools for my career advancement and to communicate effectively.
Eugene Gonzales, Electronics Engineer, US Navy

I am very thankful to you for voice coaching, it helps me to develop my business. I could not imagine how I would talk to my clients and prospects without our lessons.
Dmitry Hashimoto, Japan

Sandra, your personalized instruction has enabled me to become a more successful leader and effective communicator in all aspects of my life.  Thank you!
Greg Sato, President Sato & Company, LLC

Working with Sandra has been a wonderful and useful experience.  I have a much greater understanding and command of my voice.  I highly recommend her for anyone interested in improving the quality of their voice.
Dr Gary Weider DMD

The Voice classes have been great and I am seeing a lot of changes in my everyday conversations in a positive way.
Raez Rahman, IT Professional