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Selling with your voice is easy! All you need to do is use your voice to engage your customer, client, and patient. When you sound open, professional and engaging, people will relax, listen and be much more inclined to buy.

Having control over HOW you sound sells your ideas, your services, your expertise, and your products. It is not only what you are saying, but how you SOUND when you say it that makes all the difference.

When you change your speaking voice you change your life. You get the competitive edge and become an outstanding communicator by developing your voice.

An amusing example of this truth comes from the movie “Chicago”. John C Reilly, well known actor and comedian, playing the character of Amos Hart keeps telling his beautiful, devious and ambitious wife, Roxie, “I love ya’ honey. I really love ya”” over and over again in a very gruff, hoarse voice. He is sincere, but does she believe him? NO

Deepak who has a very impressive resume in the IT world was told by an executive recruiter that potential employers had told him, that Deepak was not being hired because he not only had a heavy accent, but he also didn’t sound strong enough and this caused them to have doubts about his ability to communicate as team leader.

Deep inside Deepak knew this was a problem, however, he didn’t realize how big of a problem it was until he was told straight out. Deepak don’t feel badly. Most people are very unaware of how they sound. They just open their mouth and speak. You need to develop a leadership voice that motivates and inspires.

As a speech professional, I can interpret the phrase, you don’t sound strong enough, for you. What you are doing is speaking in the back of your throat and that comes across as a covered sound that is hard to hear. This combined with a heavy accent and a habit of running your words together, makes employers feel that you are not a good communicator. You have a good vocabulary and you speak English with excellent grammar, however you need to sound like a leader. You need to communicate clearly and powerfully.

How do you connect powerfully? First, I am sure you have heard that you are the message. But now you need to be aware that you and your voice work together to sell your message. In a first meeting when you are selling yourself and your expertise your voice needs to connect with your interviewer on a primal level.

To sell your ideas with power you start by:

  1. Speaking clearly and saying the ends of all your words.
  2. Speaking between 140-160 words per minute, and
  3. Projecting your voice so that you are easily heard.

Speaking like a Leader takes awareness and practice, practice, practice. When you change your speaking voice you will change your life. You can become a star communicator by developing the Magic Power of your Voice.

For 25 years Sandra has trained business executives from China, India, Africa, Ireland, Japan and Australia in speaking skills and is now offering Private Coaching in Accent Reduction for Business Professionals. Sandra offers a 25-minute Voice Power Studios Accent Reduction & Speaking Skills Consultation, or call 877-783-2455.