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Let’s begin February with a powerful quote for continuing to move Confidently and powerfully into 2014.

"Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all." Helen Keller

In the movie, The Miracle Worker, a young Helen Keller, deaf and blind from very early childhood found her voice through the efforts of Annie Sullivan was able to give Helen the gift of sign language: the one power she needed in order to communicate with the world and have a life.

Helen was “stuck” in a dark and soundless world, until....

her mother found an expert named Annie Sullivan.

Annie worked with her day and night and helped Helen understand that there were words for everything in the universe and those words went together to form thoughts and that “speaking people” used language to communicate.

Through language they could feel each other’s heartfelt ideas. They could express their thoughts and feelings. They could tell each other how much they loved flowers, and each other. (Download the movie for all the beautiful and inspiring details).

Can you imagine what a revelation that must have been for Helen?

With the support of Annie, her coach, Helen communicated confidently and powerfully and made a successful place in the world.

Have you ever felt “stuck” when you are talking?

Perhaps you feel that way when speaking in front of a group or in a teleconference. No matter how hard you try, people keep asking you to repeat, or maybe they talk over you.

Imagine having an expert voice and speech coach to teach you to speak more confidently.

A coach who could identify the speaking habits that are stopping you from communicating successfully…then give you exercises to permanently change those speech habits…give you a customized program guaranteed to make you succeed…and then hold you accountable to complete that program…

That would make a huge difference, right?

Being able to eliminate what is stopping you and having a program you felt confident in, would make it much easier to communicate successfully.

Completing your personal executive speaking skills program would mean more customers, more revenue, higher profits, less confusion and more free time…and that great feeling you get when you make huge accomplishments.

You too can have outstanding speech and communication skills by working with an experienced Voice and Speech Coach.

If you are ready to get “unstuck”, the first step is to register for your FREE 20 minute telephone Voice and Speech Analysis with me, book right online.

A Voice Power Studios Voice Analysis is designed to make you aware of what your voice and diction problems are and how you can correct them in the shortest time possible, and stop spinning your wheels...and start communicating successfully—guaranteed.

I will outline which of our Executive Speaking Skills programs will most effectively solve your speaking issues, so that you can make an informed decision to permanently improve your speaking voice....and get in the fast lane to communicating successfully.

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