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Your Voice is the most Powerful Communication Force Available. Are you Using It?

 Most of us want to communicate successfully and engage our customers, clients and patients more easily and successfully. How wonderful to be able to consistently speak with confidence, clarity and charisma.

However, if you are constantly being asked to repeat yourself because you talk to fast, and mumble, or if you are asked to speak up because you are speaking softly in a monotone voice, stop beating your head against the wall and do something about it.

Many clients have told me how frustrating it is to state a great idea in meeting and then someone else in the meeting says the same thing and gets all the credit because they are more easily heard.

With the 7 Critical Voice Skills that form your outstanding “Wheel of Communication” you can close more sales, get credit for your ideas, and be a more engaging and persuasive communicator.

Your Speaking Voice is probably Lacking
in one or more of the following voice skills:

To Listen to Sandra’s recorded answers for the 7 critical voice skills.
Click on the link below each question.

1. Do you speak too fast or too slow? Yes/ No

2. Is your pronunciation clear and easily understood? Yes/No

3. Do you have a heavy accent that makes it difficult for others to understand you? Yes/No

4. Do you speak too loud or too soft and timidly? Yes/No

5. Do you speak in a boring monotone with no excitement and vitality? Yes/No

6. Do you use many filler words? Like, so and Uh-huh. Yes/No

7. Are you earning the respect and trust of your business colleagues
and the public by communicating effectively?


Take a minute to honestly rate yourself on each of the skills above—with 1 being non-existent and 10 being outstanding.

This will not only help you determine where you are weakest and can improve the most, but it will also show you whether or not your speaking skills are working for you in the most effective way.

Make all of these seven critical voice skills strong and you will close more sales, get credit for your ideas, and be a more engaging and persuasive communicator. 

Is your “Wheel of Communication” balanced? Leave a comment about what area(s) you need to strengthen the most at or Sign up for a free Voice Consultation with Sandra by calling 1-877-783-2455 or going to

Speak With Power and Confidence,

Warmest Wishes,