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How your Voice can build Client Relationships

The most powerful way to build new client relationships and retain established ones, is to use your voice to create a trusting, comfortable, personal relationship face to face, over the telephone, through a live streaming video or webinar.

The 80/20 marketing rule: “A typical business earns approximately 80 percent of its profits from the top 20 percent of its customer base”. Many business people don’t realize that speaking with a confident, energetic voice tone, every time you talk to a client, is the best way to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Rule No. 1. Connecting powerfully, confidently and personally with your client, whether in a conversation or in a formal presentation, is an art that must be developed.

100 actors can audition by reading the same script aloud and each reading will be unique. We all know that whether or not you are right for the role is under the control of the director, however without the ability to connect powerfully and personally, the actor definitely will not get the part. The same is true in business. Business professionals who wish to succeed in the corporate environment need to take speaking powerfully and persuasively as seriously as any performing artist.

Rule No. 2. No actor would speak so fast and unclear that his audience would not be able to understand him. For one thing the director would fire him/her.

Yet on the business stage, such as a financial analyst on a client call, speaking so fast that total comprehension is lost, is quite common and causes that analyst’s credibility to be eroded. For example the client may become frustrated and also may feel stupid because he/she can’t keep up with the content of the conversation. Whatever the client’s negative response may be, it becomes twice as hard for you to close a deal.

Rule No. 3. Performing is a disciplined well thought out way of connecting to an audience and moving them into a positive relationship with you. Actors are hired to make and audience feel and understand what the play is saying.

As a business professional every time you speak to the top 20 percent of your customer base you want to do exactly the same thing: make them feel and understand what you are saying and also be comfortable in trusting you with their needs. Performing is not just and act, it is the art of communicating powerfully and confidently and building relationships that last.

Rule No 4. Some actors are more real, and more persuasive than others. Their audience believes them and hangs on every word. Why?

Simply because the actor comes alive in the material; feels the words and uses his voice and body to express the power of their meaning. The actor does it so well that you the audience feel it so strongly that you are willing to go on the journey. At that point the audience is ready to buy into what is happening on stage.

The same is true in any persuasive presentation or conversation. When talking on the business stage with an existing client, every conversation is new and you are responsible for connecting powerfully with them in the moment.

Speaking in a voice tone that tells your client how much you appreciate them, and care about them and their needs, is a personal gift that you can give easily over and over again. It is your tone of voice that keeps your client excited to hear from you. Yours is the engaging voice of credibility, caring, and confidence.

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