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"Communication Savvy" - Vital Career Skill in 2016

Successful communicators have Communication Savvy.


The Speaking Voice Matters

It is important that your voice is heard.


#1 Question Asked By Business Professionals & Executives

The Answer to to the question most business people ask.


The Hidden Secret To Higher Profits No One Talks About

Because no one talks about it...not even the leadership and sales gurus


One Sure-Fire Way to Get People to Know, Like, Trust and Buy from You.

“People buy people,” “People buy from people they like, know and trust.”
In the words of Nick Nanton, a leading expert of personal branding and a top thought leader in the world.
“How people speak to other people makes a big difference as to whether people like, know and trust each other”.
In the words of Sandra McKnight, renowned international expert in the speaking voice.


Could this simple thing be stopping you from achieving more?

“Why do you want to succeed?” That is the question I ask all of my clients in their voice power training.
You want to have enough money to have the freedom to do whatever you want in life


How to Sell with Your Voice, the Magic Power!

Selling with your voice is easy! When you sound open, professional and engaging,
people will relax, listen and be much more inclined to buy.


How to Sell with Your Voice, Unleash the Magic!

Your vocal sound is what people react to first and then they listen to what you’re saying, Your voice is an important and
determining factor as to whether someone buys.

You were given your Voice for Free, how well are you using it?

When it comes to money people are pretty nervous especially these days, and outstanding communication is essential.


How your Voice can Build Client Relationships.

The most powerful way to build new client relationships and retain established ones, is to use your voice.


How Katie and Marsha changed their voices and advanced their careers.

With a little knowledge and practice you can speak well and advance in your career.


Why Everyone needs a Voice Analysis & a Personal Voice Coach.

A confident, clear, powerful voice is the key that enables you to persuade and influence.


Speak with Confidence and Advance Your Career in Silicon Valley.

Sandra McKnight Live in Silicon Valley.

Reduce Your Accent and Break Through the Corporate Glass Ceiling.

Pure and simple everyone has an accent and the goal is to be easily and readily understood by the people in the country
in which you are living and working.


When you Speak do you Captivate the Audience?

No matter your role in life you are constantly using your voice to influence others and the vehicle for
great communication is a great voice that can captivate an audience.


One Powerful Speech Skill to Keep Your Competitive Edge!

Project, Project, Project! Come across vividly, make a memorable impression and have the competitive edge
over all the other speakers in the room.


Can Your Voice Stop Your Career Part I.

This podcast story is about a man who was unaware of the hidden message in his voice.
By applying a few simple speaking voice techniques he was able to speak with a more confident, engaging and persuasive voice.

Can Your Voice Stop Your Career" Part II.
How hidden messages in your voice stop your career.

Can Your Voice Stop Your Career" Part III.
How shyness in your voice stop your career.

The Voice of Our Spiritual Leaders.
The nature of the profession demands that they develop and use their voices to uplift people and
hold forth the vision of their particular faith


Can a "Marilyn Monroe" Voice Stop Your Career" Part IV.
Get Your Speaking Voice Ready for 2013.

How To Speak for Success in 2013.
Would you tell someone who needs to speak in public and/or business settings, that they’re voice is hard to understand?


Can a "Wheel Chair Voice" Stop Your Career?
How a physically disabled person's voice can level the playing field.


How a Great Voice Can Close More Sales
3 tips that can help your sales force close more sales.


How You Can Get Rich By Improving Your Speaking Voice
Knowing how to control your voice is a powerful tool that gives you a competitive edge in the business world.


How To Use Your Voice To Land A New Job or Advance Your Career
With the economy getting better and more hiring taking place learn to use your voice to pass a telephone interview.


How Does A Heavy Accent Stop Your Career?
If they can't understand you, you may not be promoted.


3 Ways Your Speaking Voice WIll Stop Your Career
3 common examples that may be hidden in your speaking voice.


One Modern Speech Habit that Usually Causes Bad Results
Slowing down your speaking rate and speaking clearly is just the start of overcoming the bad habit.


One Ancient Speech Secret That Gets Great Results
Good breath support for your speaking voice is what many of us today in our hurried world often ignore.



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