Voice coaching is an important investment for your success

Voice Training CDs

Is Your Voice Holding You Back From Advancing Your Career?

  • Do you experience anxiety when speaking in front of a group?
  • Have you stumbled over your words in business meetings?
  • Are you asked to repeat yourself because you talk too fast?
  • Are you told you are not assertive enough?
  • Do you hate the sound of your voice?


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"Sandra is a great coach. She opened my eyes to the potential that can be realized if speaking is performed in a way that connects with people through energy, personal emotion and voice. I look at my speeches in an entirely new way and the results have been very rewarding".
Barry Ridgway, Regional Sales Director, Microsoft Corporation

Are you unsuccessful in your career because you lack confidence and don’t speak well? Do you speak with a monotonous, boring voice, a flat nasal sound or a hard to hear soft-spoken voice? Do you talk at the speed of light, run all your words together or speak with an accent that is misunderstood?

Give me two hours and I’ll give you a powerful voice that
commands attention, inspires confidence and exudes trust

Sandra McKnight, founder of Voice Power Studios says, “Your voice is an important investment in your future. The more effective you are vocally, the more successful you will be in getting what you want. When you have control of your voice, you have the power to control the impression you create.”

Successful people know that how you communicate is as important as what you communicate! There is no better business tool than an influential and persuasive voice. Your speaking voice determines how effective you are in business and how quickly you advance in your career!

Your Voice is Power in Business MP3 program is the perfect solution to create a winning speaking voice.


"Working with Sandra has completely transformed the way I express myself! I now speak with strength and confidence......catching the attention of the listener and keeping their attention. Thank you Sandra for improving my personal and professional life......you are so good at what you do!"
New York Model and Actress

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When you take command of your voice...you take command of your profession!

With VOICE POWER training, you will:

  • Speak with a rich, expressive and commanding voice
  • Put power and self-confidence into your voice
  • Free yourself from vocal anxiety, tension and fear
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Speak more clearly and distinctly
  • Take control of non verbal messages such as voice tone, facial gestures & body movements
  • Convey your thoughts and emotions more accurately
  • Maintain your listeners interest and attention
  • Earn the respect and trust of your business colleagues by speaking well

Your Voice is Power in Business MP3 program is jam packed with easy to follow exercises that will change your life and build your career today! This MP3 program includes vocal aerobic exercises, six vocal basic techniques, a voice self-critique and additional ways to chart your vocal progress...

Vocal Techniques

  • Breathe before you speak in order to support your voice
  • Speak on the exhale to project an energetic and confident voice
  • Slow down to 140 words per minute to maintain your listeners interest & attention
  • Finishing the ends of your sentences creates a positive impression
  • Say the ends of all your words so you speak clearly & distinctly
  • Get rid of your flat nasal tone and acquire a new resonant sound

International Voice Coach, Sandra McKnight, created Your Voice is Power in Business program. She has twenty years of voice training experience, working with individuals and corporations in North America, China, Australia, England, Africa and the Middle East.


Change your voice today and change your life!

You can now benefit from McKnight’s knowledge and experience in the privacy of your home, car or I Pod, using Your Voice is Power in Business voice training CD program.

YOUR VOICE IS POWER IN BUSINESS Voice Training CD PROGRAM is a set of two instructional CD’s, designed to make it convenient to practice our VOICE POWER STUDIO diction and voice exercises.

Your program includes:

  • Voice coaching MP3’s including vocal aerobics, voice self critique, six vocal basics and McKnight speaking about voice power at a National Business Convention
  • A written training booklet of all the voice exercises in YOUR VOICE IS POWER IN BUSINESS CD.
  • Voice Power Studio Tips for vocal health
  • Voice Power Studio Speaking tips
  • Voice Power Studio certificate for a 20 minute complimentary voice analysis with Sandra McKnight

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Customer Service and Sales Representatives who have benefited from Voice Power Studios’ Voice Training CDs include:

  • Comcast
  • Arbitron Ratings
  • Cox Cable
  • International Customer Service Association
  • American Tele-Marketing Association

Satisfied customers are raving…

Sandra delivers high performance services… changed the way I present and converse… taught me how to tune the customers in…her positive attitude is contagious!
Ann Riley, NM State Senator, Economic Developer

Sandra’s energy, humor and commitment to providing excellent customer service is evident. She helped to raise the awareness of our associates of the power of the voice and gave tangible techniques to do that.
Lisa Dettweiler, Vice President, Comcast

Sandra is a professional at ease with her coaching of voice power that helps a speaker make a lively connection between the speaker and the audience. Her work transcends cultural differences with passion.
Eva Wong, president, Top Human Technology Limited, China

My client had to give an acceptance speech for a prestigious award in Washington, DC and with Sandra’s artful coaching, he went from good to great in a couple of hours.
Sherry Prud’homme, CEO, Management IQ, LLC