If you want to use your voice to be recognized in meetings, you need to clearly state your opinions and to   confidently express your innovative ideas. As a result you will be perceived as an up and coming leader. I know this sounds obvious; however, most people don’t have the confidence to speak up.  Why?

In elementary school most children wait until the teacher calls on them rather than volunteering their answers. They are reticent to raise their hands and speak out because they perceive that there is a risk of being ostracized or judged if what they say is the wrong answer. Many adults subconsciously still believe, for the very same reasons, that it is risk to express themselves.

Therefore, even for an adult, it takes courage to stand up and speak out.  I say stay on top of what is happening in your company and in your specific department, and actively look for an opportunity to speak up.  Be an inspiration for others to voice their ideas.  

To voice your opinion refers to both your content and your ability to express that content powerfully and well. In my professional opinion, speaking well contributes to one’s willingness to take a risk and overcome the fear of rejection in favor of being heard as an innovator, and a leader.

To speak well:
1. You need to be clearly understood.  No mumbling or running your words together. When you mumble you are sending the non-verbal message that your ideas are not that good or that important.  
2. You need to be loud enough to be heard.  It is necessary to speak loudly enough to focus the attention in your direction and to keep people from interrupting you and cross talking while you are talking.
3. You need to project a confident, engaging and assertive tone of voice that engages people and makes them feel comfortable while listening to your message.
4. You need to speak at a rate that allows people to comprehend what you are saying.  Most people speak way too fast and that causes the listener to tune out.
5. Finally you need to speak expressively and dynamically in order to make your message come alive in the mind of your listener.  

How you speak will give you more confidence and willingness to freely express your ideas.  When you know that you sound polished, articulate and confident, you feel more comfortable and much more motivated and inspired to present your ideas.  Remember it is your ideas that may be the determining factor for your career promotion so it is absolutely necessary to get into the habit of expressing them. .

Voice Power Studios will be coming out with a Voice Test app this summer that asks you to answer a series of questions and our response to your answers will help you understand where you need to improve your speaking voice in order to begin voicing your innovative ideas powerfully, clearly and confidently.

If you would like to learn more and discover how you can improve your speaking voice, I offer a 20-minute Voice Analysis Consultation and speaking skills consultation, http://www.voicepowerstudios.com/analysis.html