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Sandra not only knows how to improve the mechanics and pronunciation of speech but also has great insight into the psychological and emotional factors that affect one’s speech.
Amer Al-Nahhas, President, SpawGlass Civil Division

Success in business depends on communicating with confidence and clarity. Are you a non-native English-speaking CEO or an executive rising in your career who wants to speak more confidently with clients and senior colleagues? Do you feel you are not being heard because people don’t understand you? And is this holding you back from advancing in your career? It doesn’t have to.

Working with Sandra in her customized one-on-one Accent Reduction & Voice training program will develop speaking clarity and confidence in all professional and personal communications, and increase your ability to lead and influence others. 

Make a permanent investment to advance in your career. 

Perform at your maximum potential
Increase your speaking confidence and professional image
Sound influential, powerful, and engaging in your social and business communications
Speak with clarity and confidence in telephone and/or video conferencing
Be an outstanding communicator who is easily and readily understood

The goal of Voice Power Studios’ Accent Reduction One-on-One Coaching Program (often referred to as accent improvement, accent modification, or accent neutralization) is to help the bilingual or multilingual non-native English speaker to be more easily and readily understood by an American listener. Rather than speaking with a perfect American accent, which takes away from your cultural identity, Sandra coaches her clients to communicate more confidently, fluently, and effectively in Standard American English.  

In addition to improving your American accent, her customized accent reduction coaching program also incorporates crucial voice skills that guarantee that you will speak with confidence, project your voice, engage your listener, and speak at the conversational speaking rate of 150 words per minute.   

Sandra’s Executive American Accent Reduction coaching program includes access to her Accent Reduction Library (digital mp3s of all the sounds found in the English language), which enables you to hear your own mispronunciations and then practice speaking your English sounds correctly. In each language, we move our mouth differently; we have different stress patterns, rhythm, speed, and intonation. For example, Spanish speakers have trouble distinguishing the difference between “truck” and “track”; Chinese speakers have trouble with L and R; and Germans with V and W.

Sandra’s Executive Accent Reduction and Voice Coaching Program, taught by telephone, Zoom, or Skype, is flexible and convenient, and guarantees communication success in live presentations, teleconferences, video conferences, international/cross cultural business meetings, webinars, telesales calls, interviews, negotiations, and customer retention calls, all of which are extensively used in today’s business communication both nationally and worldwide.

Her coaching programs are confidential and personalized. We understand your busy schedule! Sandra custom-designs your Accent Reduction Coaching program to help you achieve success in the shortest time possible. 

Sandra is absolutely priceless and her energy is contagious. She helped me become a more confident and dynamic speaker.
Cathy Huang, Citi Corp

Accent Reduction and Voice Coaching includes: 

  • Accent assessment & speech evaluation
  • Accent management & speech improvement
  • Voice training, breathing, projection, volume control 
  • Accent Reduction Library: MP3 practice recordings for all American English sounds 
  • Pocket Voice Coach app to test your English for clarity and speaking rate
  • Clear pronunciations of all the American Consonants, Vowels, and Diphthongs
  • The rhythm of English, 3 degrees of stress in polysyllabic words
  • Separating nouns and verbs by using the correct stress (to survey versus/the survey)
  • Pronouncing difficult American sounds for non-native speakers: R, L, TH, T, W & V
  • Clearly speaking consonants that open and close syllables in polysyllabic words
  • Speaking consistently at a speaking rate of 150 words per minute
  • Correct pronunciation of industry-specific vocabulary
  • Correct word order and grammar
  • How to use small talk and be more engaging
  • Synthesizing clear speaking techniques into daily speech habits

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A recent client, who is the president of a computer technology company and who spoke English with a Japanese-Portuguese accent at a very fast speed, confided to Sandra that most of the time the English-speaking employees could not understand him and this was his reason for working to improve his American pronunciation. He went on to say that, oddly enough, other foreign speakers could understand his English better than Americans. Sandra said that the reason for that is that people who speak more than one language, which many Americans don’t, have more tolerance and are used to listening to English being spoken with an accent. Sandra also emphasized that combining a heavy accent with talking very quickly definitely hinders effective business communication.

Whether you are in a senior position or just starting your career, it is crucial that you speak confidently and clearly with clients and peers. If you are in a leadership position, the ability to communicate well–while dealing with the pressures of the moment—is critical to success. An accent (or your feelings about your accent) can hold you back.

Our Accent Reduction Coaching Program provides executives, professionals, and business leaders with the tools and customized one-on-one coaching they need to sound confident, articulate, persuasive, and influential. 

Clients say:

I could not imagine how I would talk to my clients and prospects without our lessons. I am very thankful to you for voice coaching and speech coaching; it helps me to develop my business.
Dmitry Hashimoto, Roundup, Tokyo, Japan

Sandra, thank you so much for helping me to project my voice with more confidence and clarity. It is very important since I’m a China communication consultant and English is my second language. I would recommend your voice and accent reduction training to anyone.
Jian Li, PhD, Connect to China

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