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Sandra is a great voice coach, speech coach, and accent reduction coach. I now look at my executive speaking in an entirely new way and the results have been very rewarding. She opened my eyes to my potential to connect with people through energy, personal emotion, and voice.
Barry Ridgway, VP Sales/Marketing, Microsoft

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Charismatic and powerful senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals are expected to be outstanding communicators who have executive presence. They should also continually evolve their leadership skills in order to command attention and inspire and motivate people—customers, clients, shareholders, colleagues—to take action.

In the business and professional world, a leader’s voice—their speaking voice—is crucial to communicating his/her vision and the strategy for manifesting that vision. A leader’s voice—again, the leader’s speaking voice—makes the vision come alive in the hearts, minds, and imaginations of their listeners, investors, shareholders, and all the people in their company or industry. 

A leader’s voice inspires and motivates others to trust and believe in his or her vision. A leader’s words are vital, undoubtedly, but just as crucial is how a leader expresses his or her words.

Develop your leadership voice enhance your executive presence—and advance your career. Speak with confidence, clarity, persuasiveness, and charisma and reach your goals and objectives in your conversations, sales calls, interviews, presentations, teleconferences, tele-seminars, webinars, negotiations, and much more.

What is a Leadership Voice?

Lately, while conducting my Voice Power Studios’ weekly free Voice Analyses, both men and women tell me that to advance in their jobs they need to sound like a leader. An independent consultant from a leading accounting firm said he needed to build trust and credibility in order to be more influential in his presentations. Another client, a VP in a leading pharmaceutical company, told me that he was too soft spoken and didn’t articulate clearly.

Motivation, reputation, evaluation, engagement, productivity, and performance all start with a leader’s communication. And all these are directly affected by one’s actual voice. How you talk. How you deliver your message. And the higher up one goes on the corporate ladder, or the more responsibility one has as owner or CEO or, in just about any senior role, your speaking voice reflects not just you but whatever company, investment, or sales pitch you’re presenting.  It is your actual speaking voice that reflects your core values  and impacts how you present yourself as a leader and whether you and your message fails or succeeds.   

What is Executive Presence?

Executive presence is the key to connecting with others and inspiring them to act. People who have presence, no matter what their field, empathize easily with others and speak assertively with confidence, clarity, and positive energy. Executive presence and a leadership voice work together to create trust and influence the hearts and minds of your listeners.  

A CEO’s pitch and tone are essential to their ability to lead, and to the way listeners respond. The command of one’s voice as the representative of a business can reflect how “powerful” that company actually is. Putting a face and a voice to a company makes it easier to categorize it as powerful or weak. This is why a leader’s voice needs to have the pitch and tone of what we consider a “powerful” voice.

How Does Customized One-on-One Voice and Speech Coaching Help?

We all have personal voice and speech issues that limit us from reaching our future professional and personal goals. The top three voice issues are: 

  • Speaking too fast and being perceived as nervous or anxious 
  • Not projecting loud enough and being perceived as soft spoken and unconfident
  • Mumbling and being perceived as difficult to understand and not knowing your material  

With Sandra’s one-on-one, customized Executive Voice and Speech Coaching Program these and many more voice and speech issues are easily remedied, allowing you to sound confident, clear, persuasive, and charismatic as you manifest your own vision for advancing your career.  

Executive Voice and Speech coaching gives you the ability to— 

Engage people instantly with the tone of your voice
Speak with Executive Presence
Sound confident, powerful, and persuasive
Project authority and credibility to maximize sales
Articulate clearly and distinctly to be easily understood
Speak with a rich resonant voice for more gravitas
Slow your speaking rate to be easily understood
Sound less nasally
Sound less childlike
Speak more dynamically and with less of a monotone
Modify your accent to speak English clearly
Never speak with a tired or hoarse voice
Keep people’s attention over digital media and in public speaking situations
Employ storytelling techniques and improvisation exercises to tap into your charisma
Practice for high-stakes interviews
Create dynamic presentations using Sandra’s sales formulas

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Sandra McKnight’s Executive Voice & Speech Coaching Program includes 10 speaking skills needed for a
Confident, Persuasive, and Influential Voice that you can depend on.

Sandra’s Top 10 Exercises for Top-Notch Speaking Skills

  1. Providing you with an individualized Voice Analysis
  2. Breathing exercises to create a resonant and strong voice
  3. Speaking with the out-breath to give your voice energy and confidence
  4. Pronunciation exercises for clear and articulate speech
  5. Speech melody for a colorful and expressive vocal tone
  6. Projection exercises to connect and engage the listener
  7. Volume control to be easily heard by any audience
  8. Speech flow and rhythm for a more dynamic speech delivery
  9. Pacing of speech, whether it is faster or slower
  10. Accent modification exercises to be easily understood

Sandra will evaluate your vocal strengths, set goals for your voice and speech improvement, devise an action plan, and help you to develop, whether it’s for international/cross cultural business meetings, webinars, telesales calls, interviews, negotiations, customer retention, or anything else involving your speaking voice. Sandra gives you the tools needed for more powerful interpersonal skills, which will help you to engage, motivate, and influence others in live presentations, teleconferences, and video conferences calls.

All of Sandra’s on-on-one voice training is conducted virtually by telephone, Zoom, or Skype and recorded for your review and practice. We understand your busy schedule. Sandra custom designs your Voice and Speech Coaching Program to achieve your success in the shortest time possible.

I cannot even measure the extent to which your voice training program has benefited my personal career.
Larry Marshal, Senior Manager, Frito-Lay Inc., Texas

Sandra has really helped me and others in our organization to get our messages across clearly and effectively to our people.
Keith Reese, Vice President, Intel

Sandra helped me find my own voice, break beyond the “mechanics” and be engaging and charismatic when speaking in public
David Grannan, CEO, Geo Works, Alameda, California


Now I feel confident speaking in a professional context, because I know I sound knowledgeable and mature. Sandra helped me to develop a completely new voice. I switched jobs and during my interview with my new manager, I made a very positive first impression simply because I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. I am so glad I contacted Sandra; not only did she help me drop my girly, nasal voice, she gave me a newfound sense of confidence to express myself.
Kate Pazoles, Personal Banker, HSBC Bank 

Sandra’s voice coaching gave me a positive speaking voice. For years, I struggled to be a good communicator and was totally unaware of the negative voice patterns I had picked up. With the help of Sandra's voice coaching, I am experiencing more positive and productive interactions at work. And my relationship with my wife has never been better. The results have been phenomenal! I highly recommend Voice Power Studios.
Matt Mendrala, CTO

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