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My warmest wishes for good health and safety to everyone in the Voice Power Studios community. Phil never paid attention to his voice until he heard himself in a playback of a recent business call with his team. He was amazed that in comparison to his colleagues, his voice sounded weak and a little timid.

man speaker 7 26 20"I didn't like that people were cross talking me and asking me to repeat." He realized that his voice was not projecting and had little energy. "No wonder my ideas got lost and I needed to repeat myself, he said in our voice analysis.

In daily conversation the sound of your voice has an enormous influence on colleagues, clients, and patients. In my telephone communication seminars I begin with: your listener likes the sound of a low pitched voice and will only give you seven seconds to engage their interest. In that short of a time, it is your voice that makes the connection.


Do you know how you sound and the affect your voice has on others?

Voice Tips to take control of your voice and communicate "Positively, Confidently, and Persuasively".

  1. Clear Pronunciation to sound credible and knowledgeable.
  2. Project at a good volume to be easily heard.
  3. Speak at a 150 words per minute to be understood.

"The tongue can paint what the eyes can't see." –Chinese Proverb

Your voice can paint and create unimaginable experiences. This ancient proverb honors those moments when people's voices painted the world with colors and sounds. Some examples; Obama, John F Kennedy, Maya Angelou, Churchill, Princes Diana, Oprah Winfrey.

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