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Can “executive presence be learned or does it just take years on the job to develop?” is a question I hear quite often….Yes! “Presence” can be learned and in a very short time

I know you recognize it when you see it in executives, actors, race car drivers, Olympic gymnasts, to name a few professions. However what is it really?


“Presence” is the act of  putting “all your attention in the “present moment.” Wherever you put your attention your energy will follow. The power to succeed is “total attention to the moment."

As an executive delivering your message, you need to be totally focused and powerfully connected with your audience. This connection becomes a heightened feeling for both you and the audience and sets you up for success! 

The most important key to having “presence” lies in the power of your voice. Your vocal delivery keeps your audience spell bound. It keeps them feeling your message moment by moment. 

It is the personal power in the sound of your voice that inspires and motivates your audience to feel your message and be convinced to get on board with you.

Remember perception is everything.  The way you sound to others is who they believe you to be.  Recently, a Manager in Silicon Valley came to me because he was told by his boss that he had all the qualifications but was not being promoted because he was too is soft spoken and didn’t sound assertive enough to lead a team effectively.  In this case, his voice definitely did not reflect his personal power

He is not alone.  Thirty years of speech and voice coaching has shown me that everyone has a huge source of personal power which is masked by incorrect speech habits:  sounding monotone, talking way too fast, speaking too softly or too loud, mumbling, to name a few.

Here is the Good News!  Training your speaking voice is the quick and easy way to develop “executive presence”.  

Learning to speak well is the simple solution to allowing one’s personal power to come through in both the sound of your voice and the articulation of your words. . With a couple of months practice your new speaking voice will reflect your personal power.  Once this happens, you will use your voice as a tool and express yourself powerfully and with presence moment to moment.

Speaking with Executive Presence means: 

  1.  Speak with Energy

  2. Articulate your words

  3. Slow down and connect to your audience

  4. Present your thoughts dynamically, and

  5. Enjoy motivating and inspiring your audience.  

Imagine how it would feel to walk into any one-on-one or any one-to-many selling situation with so much “presence” that you  “knock it out of the park”  when you get on stage, in that meeting or in that webinar or teleseminar.  

Your energized, articulate, well projected, engaging, happy voice is your shortcut to success! 

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