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Confidence!! Despite what you might have heard, confidence is not an elusive, mystical, magical gift given to a special few. For help many people turn to the highly recognized and valued Norman Vincent Peale’s "The Power of Positive Thinking" or to Tony Robbin'’ "Unleash the Power Within".

However, the one power most often overlooked, is the "Power of Your Own Voice". It is how you give voice to your personal power and how you articulate your positive thoughts.

Your voice is a powerful tool for effective communication. With voice and speech training, you will always be in control of how you speak no matter what the size of the audience.

It is all about perfecting speaking techniques that that become a new habit. Most people have no idea how "speaking well" contributes to their overall confidence and success! When you sound confident, people react positively. Change your voice, change your life!

Imagine being able to walk into any one-on-one or any one-to-many selling situation and have the confidence of knowing you’re going to "knock it out of the park" when you get on stage, or in that webinar or teleseminar.

With Voice Power Studios' Executive Speaking Skills program you don’t have to imagine.

Basic "Speak like a Pro" techniques

  1. Breathe and speak on the exhale to add power and resonance to your voice. The breath is the energy in your voice.
  2. Pronounce all consonants and vowels to sound clear and articulate. Good pronunciation creates credibility and authority in your voice.
  3. Finish the ends of words for a powerful message Words have great impact when said fully.
  4. Everyone has an accent. However it is important that you are easily and readily understood by your listener.
  5. Speak at 150 words per minute, to allow people to feel your message. People feel your message and then they internalize the content.
  6. Speak at a loudness level that is easily heard. If you can’t be heard, your message is lost.
  7. Avoid sounding negative by NOT throwing away the ends of your sentences. The final word of any thought is the most important.
  8. Use vocal variety in your speech to be more expressive and dynamic. Engage your listener until your very last word.

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