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Some “gurus” out there claim to know “the ONE" secret to advancing quickly in your career and/or how to shoot your business to the top overnight.

Alas, if only this were so… then we could all plug this ONE magic idea into our business or career strategies and begin enjoying our newly acquired leisure time.

However “real secrets” do exist… One of the most powerful is your SPEAKING VOICE: It is the “secret” to sounding confident and charismatic and making sure your message is heard.

In fact, over my 25+ years of coaching executives and professionals, I have found that communicating in the most confident and charismatic way possible is the bottom line to selling yourself, your ideas, your products and your services.

Within seconds the sound of your voice, makes people like you. And if they like you, they trust you and pay attention to your message. It is as simple as that. Here are 3 simple ways to improve your speaking voice. They all relate to speaking too fast and today almost everyone speaks too fast. In the speech world this is called machine gun talking. The words fly at the ear of the listener at such a rate that the listener runs for cover.

  1. Slow your speaking rate to @ 150 words per minute by taking a breath between your thoughts and saying the ends of your words. It takes time to do this and therefore it will slow your speaking rate. Again speaking to fast is the biggest speech mistake people make.
  2. Speak clearly. Make sure your say the whole word without clipping the end of the word. You need to be understood or otherwise why are you talking. Mumbling and running your words together is usually the result of speaking fast.
  3. Don’t throw away the last word of your thoughts. The last word is the most important word of your sentence. There is always an action verb that is followed by a noun which is usually the last word. If your listener doesn’t hear that word clearly your thought loses impact and you lose your listener’s attention.

Everyone can sound confident, and charismatic!! To learn more about how to take control of your speaking voice and be more powerful and persuasive both professionally and personally, Click on the link to sign up for your free speaking voice analysis consultation.