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 “If not You, Who? If not Now, When?”

It was a long time ago when this was said to me and it has stuck with me through the years for many reasons.

I know I’ve used it many times when helping clients to speak more confidently, clearly and powerfully. Too often they were slow to grasp the power of the speaking voice to be more influential in business and/or to make money in the market place. This uncertainty and indecision could cause them to miss out on a great opportunity for success.

There are many ways of influencing others and making money with your voice: sales, negotiating, facilitating, mediating, giving presentations and public speaking to name a few. One client started a successful business reading books on tape.

It is important to grasp the following fact. No matter where you are, every time you speak you are influencing or persuading someone to do something for themselves, for you or for a third party. So it stands to reason that speaking confidently, and clearly and with charisma is central to making more money.

Now you may have decided to put all your energy into advancing your professional career and it turns out that scientists have proven what I knew all along. A great voice always gives you a competitive edge. The Wall Street Journal reports that CEOs who have trained their speaking voice, remain in their jobs longer and make over $150,000 more a year.

Let me tell you how I became a Voice and Speech Consultant. I was a New York actress with a very nasal voice and because of it; I had a hard time getting parts. I changed my voice dramatically and my acting career took off. It was a huge and powerful change in both my professional and personal life for which I am forever grateful. When I decided to go on a different career path, I chose to use all of my voice and speech training to help others to change their voice and advance in their life.

I want you to be as successful as you want to be both professionally and personally. Your voice is a defining factor to developing a confident and powerful professional presence.

”The Voice Power Studios Executive Speaking Skills program breaks down the speaking skills to a simple and proven program that helps you to speak with a clear, articulate, well projected,authoritative, engaging, confident, and persuasive voice in all business/personal communication”.

The real beauty of our personalized Executive Speaking Skills Program is that it can work for anyone, no matter what kind of business or profession you are in. You start with a Voice Analysis and step-by-step you are coached in the following voice skills:

Breath Support,

Speaking on the Exhale 

Speaking with Energy 

Projecting with confidence

Pronunciation & Vocal Placement

Accent Reduction

Speech Melody & inflection

Pacing & Phrasing

Volume Control

Expressing your Thoughts Powerfully

Developing your Public Persona

An On-Going Practice Program

And a whole lot more!

Now I ask YOU again, “If not You, WHO? If not Now, WHEN?” 

Developing a great voice is a small investment that pays great dividends in the future.

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