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After teaching voice, speech & accent reduction for 25 years to over 40,000 people, I have seen how powerful and transformative it is to speak with a confident, clear and persuasive voice.

No matter where you are in the world, people who speak well are more successful in reaching their goals both personally and professionally.

The Wall Street Journal reports that CEOs who have trained their speaking voice remain in their jobs longer and make over $150,000 more a year. Why, because they have taken the time to develop a charismatic leadership voice.

There are three important voice & speech skills for business success.

First: Be easily and clearly understood

Second: Project confident energy that demands attention.

Third: Engage, persuade and sell with a positive message.

I am always excited to work hard to help people speak with a confident, clear and persuasive tone of voice. Why, because a great speaking voice fosters better communication and more productive results.

Your voice can help or hinder your business career. Anna, a recent client and a successful business consultant, was working in a high pressure job and speaking with a quiet, monotone voice in weekly strategy meetings. Her voice was sending non-verbal messages that caused another member of the team to instinctively single her out as someone he could bully.

He constantly questioned her input and publically made negative remarks about her job capability. By the time she started voice coaching she was getting more and more hesitant to state her opinions and therefore did so in a quiet, monotone and angry voice.

Anna, had considered looking for a new job, but on the advice of her executive coach, she decided to work with her voice first. She learned to breathe, project, enunciate clearly, and speak more emphatically. With these voice & speech skills she sounded credible & confident.

In a couple of months, her confidence in meetings was in full swing and I am happy to report that this led to a well-deserved promotion just as her voice coaching program completed. Can you imagine how positive, happy and productive a work environment could be if more people understood how to speak well and to communicate confidently, positively, clearly and effectively?

I am not bragging when I say the managers and executives, I have trained to speak more confidently have changed their way of communicating and taken the lead in creating more positive and productive relationships in the work place.

My sales clients are speaking slower with an engaging and persuasive voice tone which increases their bottom line. And the medical people I have taught have developed an engaging and positive bedside manner.

You too can transform your speaking voice & advance your career.

Take that all-important next step to developing a confident, clear and persuasive speaking voice.

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