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Take a look at successful communicators and you’ll notice that, most of them have “communication savvy” and find it easy to sell themselves, their ideas, their strategies and their dreams.

Which one of these statements would you want your manager to say about you?

1. He is an excellent researcher, but lacks the “communication savvy” needed to sell his ideas.

2. He is an expert in his field and a very “savvy communicator” who can sell his ideas.

When it comes to communicating successfully, there are many basics to consider… the over-all message, spontaneous thinking, your words, the person or persons you are speaking with, the time and place of your meeting, your physical presentation, etc.

But there is one FOUNDATIONAL skill at play in all communication – if ignored and not taken seriously to heart – it can undermine your entire message and leave everyone frustrated. Although not difficult to learn, this skill is one that you most likely have not recognized as being absolutely critical for consistent communication success.

A good start in learning to develop "communication savvy" is to take a speaking voice coaching program while you are young. Unfortunately, it is not taught in most schools. However, it is a valuable learning experience and will serve you well throughout your life both personally and professionally.

George, one of my new CEO clients, is very savvy when it comes to reading people and knowing what to say to motivate his listeners and get the job done. It is a skill he has developed over years of selling his ideas from an authoritative, leadership position within a software company.

Now in mid-life, he is starting his own business as an entrepreneur and consultant. As he competes in the open market with other consultants, he realizes that his inarticulate, fast talking speech is holding him back from sounding engaging and persuasive in small talk, in networking and in selling and closing deals.

As he says, “It is time to upgrade my “communication savvy” skills by learning to speak at a slower rate and to pronounce words powerfully & clearly”. He is excited to hear how powerful, persuasive & confident he sounds just by working these two speaking skills.

There are many more skills - when used dynamically - that can give you the competitive edge in today’s market and increase your income. To learn how you can use your voice to speak more powerfully and confidently, sign-up for Your Free Speech and Voice Analysis Consultation. Click here.

Your Voice Analysis Consultation with Sandra McKnight #1 Voice Coach is the best 30 minutes you'll invest in your professional life.


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