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Speech Coach Sandra McKnight will tell you that
Communication is still the # 1 key to personal and career success. 

Communication – the human connection – is basic to the business world.

How many times have you heard “choose your words wisely and express them confidently”.

People ask me all the time, why I am so passionate about teaching people to speak clearly, powerfully, and confidently. The answer is simple: the “speaking voice matters”.  It is important that your voice is heard.

There are so many talented and intelligent people who don’t realize that their speaking voice is getting in the way of their success.

Schools teach language skills, vocabulary, and grammar however they do not teach you how to deliver your language with a confident and resonant tone of voice and how to pronounce your words clearly and powerfully.

Without realizing it, most of us imitate the voices of our closest elders and teachers without giving it a second thought For example.

  • Mary got promoted to the next level in her company when she realized that her soft spoken mumbling just didn’t cut it in business meetings. She was losing credibility with her peers.
  • William got so nervous and sweaty before presentations that he felt sure he was going to have a panic attack. Giving presentations was so uncomfortable for him, that he was ready to change his job.
  • Ruben, who spoke several languages, talked very fast with a heavy accent and suddenly realized that he was losing prospects because they were hesitant to ask him to slow down and repeat himself.

After working with thousands of voices I can tell you that it is absolutely true that how you say something is more important than what you are saying. This accounts for the success of people in every field.

We are all selling all the time whether we are persuading someone to do something for us, for themselves or for someone else. With a great voice, you can sell just about anything: your new ideas, your products, & your services.

The good news is that with consistent effort and commitment, in a short time, you can have a great voice that sells your ideas. From the lunch room to the boardroom, across all demographics a great speaking voice engages and sells.

If you believe that your clients, customers and patients are not influenced by a great speaking voice ...that they don’t listen that closely....and that the words are all that matters... you are more than a little naïve.

P.S. I often hear from my clients that they want to speak persuasively, but that they only like to speak when necessary, and that they hate giving presentations and that they especially dislike small talk.

This is like being a professional skier and never wanting to fall or a professional actor never wanting to try for the lead role.

Great success comes from result-getting communication: the foundation of which is a great speaking voice

More good news! You can learn to speak confidently & persuasively in just 3 short months with our private, “Your Voice Is Power in Business” program. And it is a permanent fix; you won’t revert back to your old way of speaking.

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