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I call it the “hidden secret.”


Because no one talks about it….not even the sales and leadership gurus.

Here’s the reality....

It does not matter what product or service you offer or whether it is offline or online or both.

If you want to be a successful executive or business owner that consistently and reliably delivers quality leads and large profits…

If you want to build a team and/or a customer base that will stay loyal to you…

If you want to convert your leads to customers, clients or patients…

If you want to communicate effectively with any size group of prospects…


It’s going to require you to do this one thing…

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Because most people take it for granted...

Yet, if you want to effectively advance in your career you will need to sell yourself, and the benefits of your products and services to your prospective clients and customers.

And this will involve using this secret…

You need to know how to use your voice to communicate those benefits so that people can’t resist listening to every word you say. Most sales and presentation courses tell you “you are the message” “If your customer likes you, they trust you and buy from you.”

What they don’t tell you is that your Voice can make or break your sales communication. Why? Because most people take their voice for granted and many times don’t think it is possible to do anything about it.

Learn how to speak powerfully and hypnotically and watch the positive reactions of your customer.

One of the most hypnotic voices was the voice of Arthur Godfrey, a famous American Radio and TV Broadcaster and Entertainer in the 1950’s. Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts radio and TV show ran from 1946-1958

In those days the MC of the show often did the commercials, especially on the radio. Arthur’s voice was instantly recognizable nationwide and all the companies wanted him to talk about their products on his show.

I remember that my Mother would try almost any product Arthur would recommend. Why? He had a voice that she and most of America loved to hear, a voice that made America feel comfortable, a voice that America could Trust. If Arthur Godfrey said it was good, well then......

Anyone can easily learn how to improve their voice in order to be more effective, powerful and even hypnotic when selling their ideas, services and products. Every voice has enormous potential for improvement in tonal quality, pronunciation, projection, volume, speech melody, and rate of speech.

You need to speak so that people can feel your thoughts, be moved by them and take action. We use our voice every day to record a free message—put a video up—speak on a radio or TV show— conduct a training webinar—lead a teleconference—or to give a presentation at a sales meeting, a conference, or a stake holders meeting.

You may be taking your voice for granted, because no one has told you that improving your voice is the Hidden Secret to more effective communication both professionally and personally.

Executives, Business professionals and Entrepreneurs who take a VPS Voice Coaching Program, speak with confidence and they sell their ideas powerfully worldwide every day.

So what exactly is a confident and powerful Voice? It’s a voice that is able to interpret words into something meaningful, understandable and emotional.

Your powerful, persuasive and hypnotic Voice is one of your most important communication tools. Don’t take it for granted.

Voice Coaching truly does help you to communicate your products and services confidently, powerfully and more profitably. Of course, the reason no one really wants to talk about it, is because it does take a couple of months to master. However, here are a few tips which will help you to start speaking more effectively today

  1. Don’t speak to fast. Your speaking rate needs to be around 150 words per minute.
  2. Speak your words clearly
  3. Breathe to support your voice
  4. Don’t throw away the end of your thoughts
  5. Speak loud enough to be easily heard
  6. Remember to Project
  7. Keep your Voice Healthy: no smoking, plenty of water, rest, fresh air.

Your confident, powerful, and persuasive Voice is an important communication tool. Don’t take it for granted. Learn to Use It.

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Discover the speaking skills steps anyone can master and start selling more by speaking confidently, persuasively and authentically.