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Say it again, please? Manish, born and raised in India with 22 years of living in the US, still heard that plea over and over again from his financial clients. I said that when it comes to money people are pretty nervous especially these days, and outstanding communication is essential.

In the first voice session, he quickly learned the value of slowing his speaking rate and saying his words clearly. In his words,” when I slow down it gives me time to think about what I am saying and how I am saying it”. He was simply amazed at how there was less confusion between what was going on in his mind and what he was actually saying. Before this “ah-hah” moment, like most people he just start speaking as fast as his ideas were popping into his head. Saying the same thing twice with different words and often stumbling over his words and using a lot of “ah’s” and “Uhm’s”.

Speaking like this is pretty common for both native and foreign speakers. Very little attention is given to the client who is listening. It is true, Manish’s clients need the information he is offering, however equally important are his client’s needs, which are to feel comfortable with him and to trust him and his financial advice.

The client’s comfort and trust level is primarily created by the intention in Manish’s voice, especially when speaking over the telephone. If he is speaking so fast that his words need repeating, I guarantee you that his client’s confidence in him is also at risk.

However, when he slowed his speech, Manish’s client credibility began to soar. He was able to express his thoughts clearly and with great credibility. He was very happy when he told me, “If a poll had been taken in the office last week, my communication rating would have gone up at least 20 points”. There is no quicker way to build your confidence and the confidence of your clients. It is a win, win for everybody.

We are all very lucky to be born with the ability to speak. Something that most people take for granted until it is lost. The basic principles of good speech are not even considered by the school systems, unless the child has an obvious speech problem...

I suggest that many adults have speaking problems that are tied to being shy, having low self- esteem, and lack of confidence, to name just a few and those speaking problems could have been improved easily and quickly, if only speaking voice lessons were taught in our schools.

I am not speaking about learning another language such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, etc. I’m talking about how to communicate well in any language by using the following basic speaking skills: breath support, vocal resonance, projection, volume control, speech melody, clear pronunciation, pacing and phrasing and speaking at an easily understood rate.

After 25 years of teaching voice and speech in the business world, I feel that knowing and practicing the aforementioned speaking skills in the early years of life would definitely facilitate both personal and professional communication.

People would begin to value their speaking voice just like they value their bodies. They would use their voice to communicate their needs and the needs of others in a confident, self-assured, articulate, and expressive manner. To me having Voice Power, means you stand in your own power and have the ability to speak your truth with confidence.

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