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Last night I went to see the new movie “The Internship” which took place at Google headquarters in Calif. To me it illustrated that the quality of our communication directly affects the quality of our life. How you are perceived either isolates us or brings us together.

All the very bright young Interns who have big dreams, have been selected to attend the Google internship week, during which they compete for very few jobs. The catch is that they have to display their skills in a team format. This means team work and excellent communication skills not only within the team but extended out to the nearby community of Stanford, California.

What hit home to me is that the winning team communicated passionately as they brainstormed outstanding solutions. Two members of that team (two men over 40) were not very skilled with the computer, but had great people skills. Quickly the team members saw that the power of captivating an audience lies in the ability to influence, and dominate by some special charm, that has an irresistible appeal and that can cause others to change their ideas. This made for a very entertaining movie.

No matter your role in life you are constantly using your voice to influence others and the vehicle for great communication is a great voice that can magnetize, delight, and captivate an audience. Remember, the ancient Greeks discovered that the Voice is the Megaphone of your Soul.

What is your fascination power? How often do you captivate and fascinate others with your message? Do the passion, credibility, caring and confidence in your voice attract and galvanize people’s attention

Whether your audience is one or 100, when delivering a powerful message you need a powerful vocal presentation and a powerful story. I have been an international voice coach for over 25 years and a successful professional actress in New York and Los Angeles for over 20 years. And I learned that thinking of giving your presentation as if you are telling a story, very quickly keeps you in the present and connects you and your message to your audience in a highly effective and powerful way.

Even, if your presentation is technical, financial, or a lawyers brief, there is always a way to focus your message so that it has the greatest impact. Look at your content and ask these questions. What is my core message really about? What in this material can I use to fascinate my audience? Why do they need to hear this message? What will they take away and remember.

I leave you with inspiring thoughts to ponder.

“Only a life lived for others is worth living” Albert Einstein

“Life is an exciting business and most exciting when it is lived for others” Helen Keller

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” Anthony Robbins