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Knowing how to control your voice is a powerful tool that gives you a competitive edge in the business world. My clients, whether an employees or an entrepreneurs, realize that improving their voice will make them more successful and rich.

Charles, a business consultant working for a national consulting firm, was asked to give webinars in order to bring prospective clients on board.  Charles told me that during the first webinar he felt like he was doing a radio show and didn’t have the talent or the broadcast voice to deliver a great 45 minute show.


There were more than 100 people watching their computer screens and listening to me and as I began, I went cold for the first five minutes.  I only had my words and my voice and I couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly, I felt that I sounded monotonous and boring and because I was nervous I began speaking fast and using a lot of “uhms” and “ahs”. At the end of the call there were only 30 people on line.

Both Charles and his manager were stunned and at a loss. For starters they could work on improving their power point, but the marketing department identified Charles’ delivery as the problem and went to the web for an executive voice coach to give him voice training skills and to help him regain his confidence.

I told Charles that giving effective webinars is really an art. First you work on changing your monotone voice, creating good pacing and phrasing, reducing your rate of speech and improving your pronunciation. And then you use your voice to create the sales story of success that comes to those who sign up for your consulting program.  It isn’t good enough to just give an audience a 45 minute program of facts and some examples of people who took the program and had success.

Right from the opening of your webinar, your voice and the story you are telling need to be so compelling that it grabs each individual’s attention. And each slide needs to expand the story of a successful program that will turn around their business efficiently, quickly and productively.  You need to have outstanding headlines for each slide that allow you to express your passion for the consulting programs you are selling.

The passion, confidence and conviction in your voice are what connect you to each individual.  You and your voice are the message that sells your consulting programs.  Otherwise they could read a written proposal.  Your voice is what makes them believe in you and the sales story you are telling.

If you would like to learn how you can improve you’re speaking voice. Sandra offers a 25-minute Voice Power Studios Accent Reduction & Speaking Skills Consultation, or call 877-783-2455.