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Do you want to command attention, and inspire and motivate people to take action?

Lately while conducting Voice Power Studios’ weekly free voice analyses, I have found both men and women telling me that in order to advance in their jobs they need to sound like a leader. There have been so many requests for a leadership voice that I felt our readers needed to know more about this.

An independent consultant from a leading accounting firm said he needed to build trust and credibility in order to be more influential in his presentations. Another VP in a leading pharmaceutical told me that he was too soft spoken and didn’t articulate clearly. An IT professional mentioned that he spoke very fast in a monotone voice.

Here are some of the other leadership voice problems that people are revealing.


  • I talk to fast.
  • I speak to soft and timidly.
  • I run my words together.
  • My meeting colleagues don’t listen.
  • I often get a defensive reaction from people when I speak.
  • I sound as if I am impatient.
  • I am so busy talking and getting my point across.
  • My boss doesn’t think I have enough authority in my voice to be a project manager.
  • I am the youngest and brightest on the IT staff and I don’t know how to communicate with the older more established people.

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What makes a leader’s voice so important in this world today? A leader’s voice communicates his/her vision and the strategy for manifesting that vision. A leader’s voice makes that vision come alive in our heart, mind and imagination. The leader’s voice inspires and motivates us to trust and believe in him or her. Yes! A leader’s words are vital, however the way a Leader expresses those words makes you join his/her team.

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How do you sound like a leader? A leader needs to have a voice that is confident, articulate, strong, flexible, engaging, persuasive, expressive, credible and intelligent. A leader projects at all times, speaks at @140 words per minute, uses good grammar, pronounces words clearly and powerfully, expresses his original ideas powerfully and dynamically by modulating the pitch and volume of his voice.

Yes! You may have the best of intentions and have prepared an outstanding presentation for your business meeting, however if your voice is too quiet spoken or harsh and loud, or monotone or too fast and your words mumbled and run together. People are not going to rally around your ideas.

Record yourself giving a presentation or even reading from a novel and listen back carefully. Then ask yourself this question. Is my voice one that can motivate, inspire, and influence and lead a team, a company, an organization, or division to success!