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Recently I had a call from a Sales and Training Director in charge of 300 telephone sales representatives. She said, “Most of my sales reps speak 8-10 hours a day and after a couple of hours, they sound robotic, tired, and uninterested. I believe that our company could increase sales by training our sales reps in voice and speaking skills.

“Right now, my reps work the numbers and feel that if they talk to X number of people per hour, they are sure to close X number of sales. This is a commission only job which requires a high school education, however, I believe with a better sounding voice and speaking skills each rep could take home a big paycheck, grossing over $50,000 a year. “ My goal is for our sales reps and our company to increase sales 3% in the coming year”.

“How can you help”?

There are many businesses that depend on their telephone sales reps and the smart ones make this kind of a call. The Insurance business, the security business, market research business, and the mortgage lending business, just to name a few, all would benefit from sales reps that sound articulate and engaging and who are able to speak easily with people from all walks of life.

Our “Your Voice is Power over the Telephone training program” gives your reps control of their voice and enables them to sound consistently enthusiastic, well spoken and engaging so they can close more sales in a shorter time.

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Not everyone is born with a voice that makes people sit up and listen. People like James Earl Jones, and Meryl Streep captivate an audience when they speak.

Your telephone sales reps can do the same with the right speaking skills for success. Just as you give your sales reps high-speed computers and a good phone, you must give them the voice training techniques they need to sound engaging, credible and persuasive every time they pick up the phone and feel 100% comfortable while they doing it.

As a telephone sales rep you spend most of your day with a headset glued to your ear. And working the numbers causes you to speak very fast in order to process as many calls as possible in a day. That combined with bad pronunciation, a monotone voice and trailing off at the end of your sentences usually causes a customer to stop listening and can make it harder for you to close. In some cases a customer is irritated to the point of ending the call.

Speaking more effectively and persuasively is easy and with conscious practice you can improve quickly. Here are a couple of tips for you telephone speed talkers.
1. Start the call by taking a breath to center yourself before you pick up the phone.
2. Say the ends of all your words. This takes time and slows you down.
3. Stop trailing off at the ends of your sentences so you don’t sound like you are bored.

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