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In the Voice Power Studios weekly free voice training analyses, I am often asked for accent modification help by business professionals who are highly educated and highly qualified for their jobs, but due to their foreign accents find that their co workers cannot easily understand them.

These frustrated English and a second language speakers tell me that they are speaking with correct grammar and many of them have tried to communicate more clearly by speaking slower. And this is a good idea; however speaking too slowly and deliberately can give the impression of not having a clear, accurate and powerful response and/or not knowing the English language very well. In addition if you use a lot of filler words like (ah) or (uhm) you will definitely lose the attention of your listener who may be an important client, your boss, or the CEO of the company.

Want to find out the quickest way to use your voice to increase your speaking skills?

Voice Coaching can ease the pain and discomfort of your speaking skills, no matter what the language. When I point out that an ESL speaker is speaking too fast, running their words together and not pronouncing clearly and that they probably do this in their native tongue also, they are astonished. Yes! One can mumble, be soft spoken and talk to fast in Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Spanish, French, Portuguese or English, to name a few.

One of my most successful clients, an international sales executive who speaks 4 languages plus English is now using his voice to call his sales team to action. Having completed our Your Voice Is Power in Business Mastery Program, he chooses his words wisely and presents them powerfully, dynamically and confidently to solve problems and motivate and inspire his staff.

In his profession there is a long sales cycle and long-term relationships are key to business success and increasing potential income. He was so impressed with the immediate improvement in his speaking skills that he decided to sound consistently energetic, clear, confident, expressive, and credible in all his business and personal communication.

Voice Coaching has worked so powerfully for him that his sales staff has taken notice and asked him to teach them the Secrets to Using your Voice to Become More Successful.

The first secret he said is to never trail off at the end of your sentences because it leaves a negative impression in the ear and mind of the listener.

Example: Hi! This is Sandra McKnight how may I help you.

The (second secret is to pronounce clearly the ends of all your words) no matter what language you are speaking. This type of articulation automatically makes you sound more authoritative, credible, clear and powerful.

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