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Yesterday I received a call from a skeptical sales manager, named John, who had read my "Can Voice Coaching Increase Your Sales?" blog entry.

He said, in a sarcastic and monotone voice, "Those robotic sales agents that you talked about who had a high school education; how are they doing? You said you believed that your voice coaching and speaking skills for success programs would increase their sales 3%. Well did it? In this global economic down turn, I have my doubts…I couldn’t resist calling your toll free number to find out?"

"Thank you for calling", I said in a very confident, engaging and well articulated voice. "I have Good News to report"… "Great", he said again in his flat, monotone voice. I was hoping he was noticing the contrast in our voices.

I continued. "So far I have trained about 75 sales agents in that particular company and we have completed quality assurance on their vocal progress for a period of 2 months. According to the company calculations, sales have steadily increased. Isn’t that fantastic news? In fact many of the agents who have taken the voice training are helping those who haven’t yet had the opportunity. The whole sales force will soon be moving forward to increased income."

I went on to tell him that the "voice trained agents" sounded and were much more confident, competent and motivated than the untrained sales agents. I mentioned that their sales managers reported that, when they listened to the random calls of the voice trained sales agents, their customers sounded more comfortable and relaxed and were more willing to buy the product. They also said that the customers seemed to perceive the company and the product as being very reliable.

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The answer to the question is that Voice coaching has helped these sales agents to make more money, to feel much better about themselves and their product and most importantly to be more motivated to satisfy the customer. That is what it is really about: satisfying the customer’s needs, while feeling good about yourself and your product.

With the right voice training skills for sales success, you stop working the numbers and start focusing on engaging the customer with your voice. You speak persuasively, easily and feel 100% comfortable on every call.

Let’s face it as a telephone sales agent you talk at least 8 hrs. a day over the phone. You soon realize that it is not so much what you say as how you say it! The Voice coaching secret is that the customer likes you because of the tone of your voice, because you sound confident, knowledgeable, credible and caring: Like you care about his/her needs.

Some people come by this naturally and others spend years acquiring these voice skills. However with voice coaching you can start making good money right away. Here are a couple of tips for John, who inspired this blog entry and who also happened to be a monotone speaker:

  1. Breathe before you speak and be sure to speak on the exhale, giving your voice more power.

  2. Start emphasizing the important words in your sales pitch by raising or lowering your vocal pitch on those words.

  3. Stop trailing off at the ends of your sentences to avoid sounding like you are bored.

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