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My goal is to be at my peak performance every day, especially in a down economy.  I believe, that even in our information technology age, business success boils down to excellent communication skills and voice training and voice coaching are the doors to developing those skills.  

My experience as a professional voice coach has shown me over and over again world wide that the employee who communicates with a voice that sounds engaging, professional, trustworthy, confident, knowledgeable and caring, has the competitive edge in the market place.

In a down economy everyone in a company who works with an existing or potential customer can use their voice to differentiate themselves from their competitors. That includes sales, customer service, repair personnel, VP’s, managers.  

For example, just last week, I conducted a voice training workshop for all the employees of a premier wholesale food equipment provider. Everyone from the CEO, sales staff, accountants, repair people and warehouse staff was in the room.

This particular company is selling more expensive equipment than their competitors. Their products are energy efficient, better made and in the long term provide a huge savings to the customer. They are competing with wholesale distributors who are selling less expensive brands and in a down economy the lower price point influences many buyers. Therefore, it is vital for them to use their voices to effectively communicate the huge savings in energy, maintenance, repairs and add-on products that the more expensive brand can offer in the long run.

“The phone is the blood line to our customers,” the CEO told me. “I want my employees to engage and fix the customer first and then the problem. I want all company personnel to sound confident, professional, friendly, knowledgeable and caring.” That includes:

  • The repair person who goes out to service equipment and up-sells an add on piece of equipment,
  • The sales person who is opening up the growth Health Care market,  
  • The accountant who is collecting on past due accounts,  
  • The parts person who is rushing a much-needed part to a customer.

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Your Voice is Power in Sales and Customer Service workshop gave the distributor company personnel the speaking skills

  • To sound totally concerned with the customer’s needs,
  • To make that customer feel special and
  • To no longer sound like they are too busy to solve the customer problem immediately.

Their new customer service and sales goal is to use their voice to engage the customer in the first 8 seconds of the telephone call. It is not only what you say, but also how you say it, that makes a customer like you, trust you and buy from you over and over again.  

It is the sound of your voice that engages the customer and creates that positive first impression in the first 8 seconds of the call. And it is that positive first impression that gives you the competitive edge in today’s economy.     

7 voice coaching tips to sound professional on the telephone

1. Clear speech makes you sound professional and knowledgeable.

2.  Voice inflection gives you an engaging and energetic tone of voice.

3.  A positive first impression is created by not mumbling.

4.  To come to a good customer solution quickly, listen to the needs of your customer and stop making assumptions.

5. To sound like a class act, avoid swearing, bad grammar and phrases like “You Guys.”

6. To increase customer retention and make him/her feel comfortable, speak at @ 145 words per minute.

7. Using proper telephone etiquette when putting the customer on hold and/or transferring him makes you and your company sound professional.

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