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Use Your Voice and Attract What you Want in Your Life.

President Obama said in his speech to congress, “If you drop out of school you are not only hurting yourself but you are hurting your country”.  I feel that learning to speak well is the core of your communication and without it you are hurting yourself and your chances for success in whatever it is you want to do in your life.

Let me give you two examples of how a voice/speaking skill has become a differentiator in today’s market place.

1.  A foreign speaking client signed up for private voice coaching because his boss told him that he could not be understood easily by his co-workers and in these troubled economy times, with layoffs pending, this communication disadvantage could make a difference as to who would be laid off first.

2. Another client, who is a financial consultant, has found that being able to speak in a calm, credible, soothing, and confident manner during his weekly promotional webinars on investing has made his clients much more at ease and trusting of his recommendations.  That client trust and confidence is his bottom line to success.

If you want to use your voice to attract more of what you want in your life, please read further.

How many of us have taped our voices and know how we sound, especially under pressure. Transforming your voice to sound confident, self-assured, powerful and persuasive, even if you don’t particularly feel that way in the moment, will give your boss, interviewer or client, a positive message that they won’t ignore.  

All change starts in your mind. You start by knowing that you are in charge of how you want to believe, act and sound in the world. And then you make a specific plan on how you see yourself moving forward. If you want more money, a new job or a new relationship in your life, your first step is to believe, without reservation, that you can do it and then you devise a plan for yourself to follow.  

And when those doubts in the back of your mind come forward, as they often do, stop and say, out loud, “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel”. It may sound simple and a little silly, however, in that moment, you are actively breaking your pattern of not believing in yourself, your goals and your plan.   

Step two is to be able to use your voice to speak well and communicate effectively.  When you change your speaking pattern to be confident, powerful, clear, and persuasive, people will interact with you in a new and positive way and their reaction will reinforce your new voice. You will realize that your intentions and wants are coming through in the sound of your voice and the way you are speaking.

Your Voice is what carries the Power of your Intention and that Power of Intention attracts what you want: money, jobs, relationships, etc.  And finally, improving your voice and speaking skills is not that difficult. It takes awareness, discipline and practice.

I realize that many of you have personal questions about your voice, so I have started a monthly Live, Free  Tele-Voice Clinic.  You simply click on the link above to ask your question or to just register and listen.

Here are some of the questions that have been asked.

  1. How can I use my voice to sound more confident when presenting my goods and services?
  2. How can I sound more persuasive in order to avoid client objections?
  3. Why do I think I sound phony when I put excitement and enthusiasm in my voice?
  4. Can diet affect the tone of your voice?
  5. How can I lower the pitch of my voice to sound more commanding?

I am happy to answer all your questions in our free live Tele-Voice Clinic and I look forward to speaking with you then.