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I have stated a few times in the VPS speech and voice coaching blog, that I know that improving your voice to sound confident, self-assured, articulate and powerful definitely can attract new relationships, new money, new jobs into your life.

It is very simple process that takes a little time, energy, and practice.  When you become what you wish to attract you bring that into you’re your life. When you know on a gut level that money, jobs, relationships are there for you, that knowingness changes the way you talk, your behavior and what you expect for yourself. For example, before I created VPS, I was relying solely on being a professional actress, singer and comedienne for my income. I loved the creativity, however work opportunities were becoming fewer as f I was getting older.  A friend of mine suggested that I teach voice and I looked at him as if he were crazy…He said that I had a beautiful voice and was loud enough to be heard in China. Years later when I started teaching voice in Hong Kong, I called him to let him know his words had been prophetic.

Somehow, l realized he was right and so I started teaching the speaking voice to business professionals in Los Angeles at a time when there were very few voice coaches in the business world.  I knew I could do it and I attracted many clients. I remember wondering why so many people recognized they needed voice and speech training. It was because I had excellent speech and they liked the way I spoke and realized how it could help them be more successful.  My voice is not as distinctive as James Earl Jones. However I think you understand what I am saying.

In Voice Coaching you learn to speak like you mean what you say. You practice your pronunciation, breathing, speech melody, rate of speech and volume control exercises until they become a part of your natural speech pattern. This process is not “rocket science” as I often say to my clients, however, it is absolutely fundamental to communicating effectively and getting what you want out of life.

President Obama has demonstrated to many people, in all walks of life, that speaking well can open the minds and hearts of the public and encourage them to look at the hard realities we face today from a different perspective.

Recently I was introduced to the Hypnotherapy Process and I have become convinced that using self-hypnotherapy to “totally know” that you are a confident, powerful and self-assured person can work beautifully in conjunction with voice training in order to underscore your speaking success!  

Here is the reason I say this.  Many people have speech patterns that result from unconscious beliefs about themselves.  For example, a woman may have a timid soft-spoken voice pattern because she was raised in a culture that believes woman in public should always be soft-spoken and never intrusive. She then comes to the US and starts to work in a multi-national company and is not easily heard. She is passed over for promotions because she is not assertive enough and her superiors do not believe she can manage a range of varied personalities.  

However, her company believes in her skills and so they are willing to pay for her to have voice and speech training. She finds Voice Power Studios on the Internet and she goes through the voice-coaching program. She does very well in the program and when in a meeting she uses her new voice skills well.  However, inwardly she feels uncomfortable and somewhat unfeminine. She tells herself and me that with time she will get used to it.

Here is where self-hypnotherapy enters the picture. I am convinced, that with selected voice coaching clients, learning and using the skills of self-hypnotherapy can enhance voice, pronunciation and speaking skills.

I now refer some voice clients to a Voice Power Studios Associate. a trained professional hypnotherapist and a member of the International Registry of Medical Support Hynotherapists.

A short series of hypnotherapy sessions can reduce stress associated with public speaking and also help one to resolve internal conflicts that may be undermining the success of your speech goals, your professional goals and your personal goals.

Voice Training can change your voice and the way you speak, so that you can attract the relationships, income, jobs and people you want in your life. You get to choose how you want to sound and whom you want to attract.  

Self-hypnotherapy insures that any beliefs that you may have in your subconscious that may be preventing you from moving forward with you speech goals are raised to a consciousness level and released. A customized self-hypnotherapy CD gives you the self-hypnotherapy tools for use daily basis.

Speak with Power and Confidence,

Warmest Wishes for a Wonderful Spring,
Sandra McKnight
International Voice and Speech Coach