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With the down turn in the worldwide economy, one needs to continually look for ways to excel in your job or get that new job. That is why voice training is more urgent than ever.

If you have a job you like and you want to keep your competitive edge, using your voice to communicate more effectively will help you to generate new sales, increase your income, and build lasting professional relationships for the future. Today the standard for job performance is higher than ever and you will need to take control of your voice and consistently sound confident, articulate and self-assured never bored, uninspired and hoping for the best.

In today’s market place you will find high speaking skills standards are necessary for most of the jobs.  Most of your first interviews are either over the phone or through a video conferencing service and in both cases your voice is a primary factor as to whether you will get the opportunity to show your outstanding job skills.

To add to these facts, many of the available jobs are at helpdesks, or in tele-sales, tele marketing, and they all require you to have a good speaking voice, which for most of us today requires professional voice training/coaching.

Voice Power Studios works with a lot of job placement services and we hear from is that many people fail their first telephone interview due to sounding nervous, inarticulate and unsure of themselves. Potential employers are impressed by applicants who can speak in a confident, energetic, persuasive, well-articulated tone of voice which engages them will later engage their customers/clients.

NOW the good news is that everyone has a voice and the investment of time to learn how to use it effectively is easy and permanent with Sandra McKnight.

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  1. Be Prepared. Write out the answers to at least 10 questions you think you will be asked.
  2. Rehearse those answers aloud over the phone with a friend who acts as the interviewer.
  3. Make sure to eliminate all filler words, um, ah, like, so.
  4. Speak at 145 words per minute. Speaking fast makes you sound nervous.
  5. Speak your words even more clearly so you are understood over the phone.  
  6. Practice reading aloud daily for week before the interview and record yourself. Listen for your tone of voice and the clarity of your speech.
  7. Use good grammar and drop all slang words.

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