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I feel the goal of speaking well is for your voice to touch the heart, mind, and imagination of your listener. The personal energy of your speaking voice is vital to reaching the consciousness of your listener. The Energy is your breath.

Your voiceprint is as distinctive as your fingerprint and good breathing is the energy that gives your voice life and power. This vocal power allows you to be heard as you share your thoughts and feelings both personally and professionally.

No matter what your language, the energy of your vocal tone and your word articulation create a powerful speaking moment. That vocal moment engages your audience and creates an instant impression.

This is vitally important because our culture depends on the spoken word. Many people speaking in every day conversation, business meetings, politics, religion, education, in the media lack the awareness and skills to speak their thoughts and feelings in a well articulated and charismatic way.

The vocal energy of these spoken messages are often monotonous, unexpressive, and lacking in passion. The speaker depends on the words to carry the message, like an impersonal text or email.

A well articulated charismatic voice is key to your personal and professional success. It is the energy of your voice that makes your message come alive and if your tone supports your words, you avoid misinterpretation, miscommunication and many times serious consequences.

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