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I feel “The King’s Speech” big win is a vote for the power of the human voice in the world. Speaking to an audience, whether it is 1 or 1000, is still the best and most effective way to lead, influence and motivate. When a leader speaks clearly, passionately, confidently and powerfully, you can determine his/her intentions, objectives, and attitudes.

Bottom line, The King’s Speech” vividly demonstrates that in one respect, we are all the same. Most of us have a voice and hopefully the right to be heard. However, if you can’t be heard and understood, and you haven’t a physical reason for this, I feel you are giving up an opportunity to lead in your own life. We are all leaders in our own lives and that extends to our family, community and the world.

There are many intangibles in the sound of the human voice that affect the listener consciously and unconsciously. The sound of the voice lets you understand and, more importantly, know whether he/she is trustworthy. As the leader’s voice delivers the message, whether it is in business or politics, you decide if this is the kind of leader who will make the kind of decisions you would make. Whether or not you like him/her and whether you are comfortable in their presence.

The choice of words and the ability to articulate them well creates a certain credibility, authority and power that can send all kinds of signals: for example, the business leader’s intelligence and the ability to solve or mediate problems or the CEO’s ability to persuade and influence a wide variety of personalities in an international company.

“Perception is everything” is a phrase that is often bandied about by many media experts, voice coaches, presentation coaches. I often say,” the way you sound is who people think you are”. To a large extent, perception is everything and there is never a second chance to make a first impression.

Vocal prejudice is a real phenomenon. For example, if your vocabulary is weak, people may think you are uneducated. If you talk really fast, you might be tagged as anxious, insecure or a data dumper. If you have a strong accent, you can lose people’s attention quickly.

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