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A great voice leads, motivates and sells your ideas. The internet, blogs, & emails are great communication tools; however, mastering your voice is what you need when it comes time to speak and to “seal the deal”.


A great voice allows you to sound persuasive on the phone, makes you speak confidently and clearly in a business meeting, or makes you sound engaging, credible, and personable in a sales call, webinar, or a tele-seminar.

The human voice is the megaphone of the soul and engages the mind, heart and imagination of the listener. The tone of your voice lets your listener know how powerful you are and how important and meaningful what you say really is.

In our May 11th tele-seminar, I will introduce you to how proper breath support, the foundation of all powerful and polished speaking, will enable you to engage others easily and to sell your ideas more effectively.

To ensure that your meaning is readily understood, it is necessary that you speak clearly, distinctly and at a good rate. If the listener cannot understand what you say, your message has considerable less impact and you lose your listener’s attention. Talking too fast combined with mumbling and running words together further limits your communication.

Finally, the question about accents always comes up. . Many people feel others have an accent but they don’t. Many people have accents that come from wherever they spent most of their childhood. I feel that one needs to be easily and readily understood by your listener. That means if you are speaking English, either as your first or second language, you need to say the entire word and speak with English rhythms.

I look forward to speaking with you in our May 11th Speaking Skills Tele-seminar. To sign up click on the link to the right hand side of this page.

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