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Recently I attended a lecture by Bruce Lipton, PhD, celebrated cell biologist, a warm human being, the forerunner in the Science of Epigenetics and the author of the Biology of Belief. He began by stating that 95% of our behavior is controlled by subconscious programs acquired before the age of six and that neuroscience has established that the conscious mind is in charge only about 5% of the time. Wow!



The subconscious programs such as walking, eating, speaking, etc. function outside the conscious mind and therefore they are making our everyday decisions without us even noticing. These subconscious programs originate from our parents, family, and community and often are limiting and many times disempowering. The good news is that the subconscious programs can be rewritten by the conscious mind putting you back in control.

Most of my clients openly say that they don’t like the sound of their voice. They want to change their voice and change the way people feel about them. Just today, a college student wrote that he has a soft spoken voice and others think of him as weak and unassertive.

When people want to change their voice, it says to me that their conscious mind has decided to reprogram their subconscious speaking behavior. They have decided to take control of their subconscious by asking it to become aware of the speaking skills needed to speak easily and clearly and confidently. Given a new awareness and the time to practice the speaking skills, the subconscious is perfectly willing to get on board. You can reprogram your speaking pattern and habits permanently.

Currently a male client, whose voice tone is very easily affect by his mood of feeling totally overwhelmed on a daily basis, told me that it is very difficult, almost impossible, for him to sound continually engaging when dealing with co-workers and clients. I said that his belief that the content of his message was more important kept him from placing much value on being engaging. I suggested he could start by using voice inflection and modulation in his daily speech, making him sound more engaging even though inside he may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

The speaking skills of inflection and modulation were the tipping point for him to change his long standing speaking pattern and the associated disempowering belief that it wasn’t really necessary for him to connect with the person to whom he was speaking. He started to realize that connecting with people by using his voice inflection and modulation made both his professional and personal relationships more meaningful, enjoyable and productive.

I know we all need to get serious about taking hold of our subconscious programs. The programs that no longer serve us and were given to us before we could consciously chose for ourselves. That is the reason, twenty five years ago; I chose the name Voice Power Studios.

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