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Many of my busy executive clients find it difficult to find the time to practice their speaking voice skills. Therefore I have created the Pocket Voice Coach ™, designed to help one conveniently practice the speaking exercises necessary to permanently build a great speaking voice.

The Pocket Voice Coach ™ first offering is a seven minute” Speaking Voice Affirmation & Voice Warm-Up” and will be available as a download in January and as an App in February.

I recommend that you use it daily to focus your conversational voice delivery and before all presentations, teleconferences and any important speaking event at which you want to make an outstanding impression.

Everyone has a speaking voice pattern which is developed unconsciously during childhood and quickly becomes a habit that is maintained by your subconscious. This is why most people take their speaking voice for granted. Many people think about what they are going to say, however not about how they are going to say it and what the impact will be.

Changing your speaking voice is done by reprogramming your subconscious speaking pattern. The first step is to become aware of your speaking voice sound and the impact it has on listeners. For example: You may be speaking too fast, or not being easily understood. You may have a monotone, or nasal voice, or a heavy accent. Any one of these can hinder you from communicating effectively in a job interview, a sales meeting, an international tele-conference, a stake holders meeting, or an executive strategy meeting.

Secondly it is important for you to have a speaking voice analysis that is accurate and specific. For example, which consonants do you have trouble pronouncing or which vowels are you distorting. You may be too soft spoken and need to use more breath support in order to project a more resonant, authoritative and assertive tone of voice.

Your analysis will help you to make an informed decision as to whether you need to hire a professional speaking voice coach who can give you customized and specific voice and diction exercises that will help you build your great speaking voice. You may wish to slow your speaking rate, or develop a more engaging tone of voice. Some clients need a voice tune-up for specific issues and others need a complete speaking skills program that provides more guidance and help.

No matter what speaking voice improvements you wish to perfect, putting in the practice time is what makes the difference and gives you the power and confidence to communicate effectively. The Pocket Voice Coach ™ used alone or in conjunction with a voice coaching program makes speaking voice practice easier and more convenient.

The Pocket Voice Coach ™ will be here in January 2012 to help you lead, motivate and influence in your next meeting, interview, sales call, tele-conference or any other speaking voice communication.

If you would like to learn more and discover how you can improve your speaking voice. I offer you a 20-minute free Voice Power Studios Accent Reduction & Speaking Skills Consultation, or call 877-783-2455?