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Our Awesome Clients

These are some of the clients Voice Power Studios has helped over the past 30 years.

Technology Professionals Voice Coaching & Speech Coaching Program

Sandra Turns Tech Professionals into Great Communicators!

 I just shot a video.  This is the best I've ever heard myself sound. I did a few of your exercises just before the shoot,
and then really focused on keeping it slow,supporting with breath, and varying the tonality of my sentence endings.
I'm very proud of the progress, and it is thanks to your coaching"!

Founder, High Profile Silicon Valley Startup

Take control of your voice and advance your career with Sandra.

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  1. Make your business communication a strong asset.
  2. Sell your ideas powerfully and persuasively
  3. Speak clearly and at an easily understood rate of speech
  4. Perform at your maximum potential
  5. Increase your confidence and your professional image

Technology business leaders of today have a powerful message to deliver and many have taken the time to improve their speech and voice with Sandra for two main reasons,

1. Many tech professionals don’t have the sales and communication skills and therefore feel woefully uncomfortable when they need to sell team ideas to a senior VP by delivery a very convincing over view of a detailed subject.

2. Many highly trained tech professionals are from outside the US and speak very fast with strong accents. This not only hinders their ability to communicate effectively in meetings and presentations but it also prevents them from receiving promotions.


Her private technology voice program, taught by telephone all over the world, is convenient, customized to your profession, and time flexible.

Sandra teaches you to be an outstanding communicator not only in live presentations but also in teleconferences, video conferences, international/cross cultural business meetings, webinars, telesales calls, interviews, negotiations.


“I recommend Sandra's voice sessions for anyone that is trying to improve their speech. I think the phone
conversational techniques, used in the sessions is a great idea. Most of our communication is on phone these days,
so if one learns to speak well on the phone, one could speak well anywhere."

Rajesh Venkataraman, IT professional

Today, businesses and governments cannot compete productively without technology expertise. As a result, the tech professionals find that to be successful, their job description not only requires enormous technical expertise in their field but also outstanding communication skills.

Tech Pros are on the front line of new developments and research and because they know their expertise so well they are the best choice for building trust with new clients and keeping established clients well informed.

To be able to communicate technical expertise as it relates to a client’s buying needs is a necessary skill for your success. Sandra’s goal is to give you the expert speech and voice training you need to be a more effective communicator in the business world.

Sell your ideas more powerfully and persuasively with Sandra’s Speaking Skills

  1. Breathing exercises to create a resonant and strong voice.
  2. Breath support to give your voice energy and confidence.
  3. Pronunciation exercises for clear and articulate speech.
  4. Speech melody to be more expressive and less monotone.
  5. Projection exercises to engage the listener quickly.
  6. Volume control to be easily heard by any audience.
  7. Speech flow and rhythm for a more dynamic speech delivery.
  8. Grammar exercises to insure credibility
  9. Accent modification exercises to be easily understood.


 What tech pros are saying.....

microsoft"My co-workers and myself have seen improvements on my spoken English in both daily conversations and presentations. Your program was very stretching and a wonderful experience. You have taught me how to use project management skills to reduce my accent and increase my voice power. I will continue to apply the skills: especially not trailing words, slowing down and enunciating all consonants, and ‘R’ sounds. I would definitely recommend you to others." -Guang-an Wu, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio team

"I am so glad I decided to take voice lessons with Sandra.  The lessons helped to not only improve my speech, but also my self-confidence.  As a result I have had numerous doors opened to me that would not have been possible without the lessons.  If you want to improve your speaking skills and take your career and/or business to the next level, I highly recommend Sandra's lessons."
-Gail Magood, IT professional

symantec logo 50"Sandra is a fantastic speaking coach that you should line up to have in your corner.  I signed up for the voice program and she took me through a remarkable journey.  Begining with the basics for good speech, she progressed the lessons to advanced techniques and finer points of speaking.  She also follows up with an email summary of the lesson and further tips to remember.  Well worth the time and money.  I highly recommend the voice program for speakers of all levels."
-Nagaraj Shyam, Symantec, Inc.

"The Voice classes have been great and I am seeing a lot of changes in my everyday conversations in a positive way".
-Raez Rahman, IT Professional

hp"Sandra McKnight's coaching and practical exercises made me improve my oral communication, expanding and empowering my voice. With the techniques I learned, I can better express and communicate my ideas, my passion, in front of a group or person, in business or social meetings, with more clarity and confidence."
-Divaldo Suzuki, Hewlett Packard



What Our Customers Say

These are some of our clients who have worked with Sandra McKnight and have achieved outstanding results.

Sandra McKnight's coaching and practical exercises made me improve my oral communication, expanding and enpowering my voice. With the techniques I learned, I can better express and communicate my ideas, my passion, in front of a group or person, in business or social meetings, with more clarity and confidence.
Divaldo Suzuki
Immediately after the first class I noticed a dfference in how I controlled my voice and pitch while conducting my meetings. The focused breathing and specifically talking on the exhale was an eye opener. I am looking forward to the next lesson!
Sr. Product Marketing Manager - AT&T
Sandra has really helped me and others in our organization to get our messages across clearly and effectively to our people.
Keith Reese
Vice President - Intel
Sandra is a fantastic speaking coach that you should line up to have in your corner. I signed up for the executive speaking lessons and she took me through a remarkable journey.
Nagaraj Shyam
Support - Symantec