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Our Awesome Clients

These are some of the clients Voice Power Studios has helped over the past 30 years.

Presentation Skills for Your Team

VPS Speech Coaching workshop gives you a confident, powerful, eloquent, spontaneous and persuasive delivery style that will engage your audience and move them to action. Speaking well in public is the # 1 skill that will lead to your success.

VPS Speech Coaching Workshop is a corporate in house two-three day workshop that can be adapted to beginning, intermediate and advanced presenters and is conducted in corporations, companies, businesses, schools and organizations both nationally and internationally.

Be a powerful, dynamic, confident, spontaneous, imaginative and original presenter.
This fun, highly interactive workshop merges professional performance techniques with traditional presentation skills and teaches you to handle your stress and fear, take control of the room, and structure and deliver your material.

Learn to:

  • Think quickly on your feet/spontaneity
  • Expand your energy
  • Increase mental flexibility
  • Expand your communication range
  • Use body language and gestures effectively
  • Let your voice be more expressive
  • Animate your facial gestures
  • Use the eye sweep to keep audience involved
  • Have presence and take personal space
  • Tap your creative story telling skills
  • Use language effectively & increase your vocabulary
  • Stay present in the moment
  • Build trust and support in yourself and your audience
  • Create and perform your personal charismatic delivery style

You will benefit from:

  • Private needs assessment with instructor
  • Personal instructor feedback
  • Group exercises
  • Individual presentation delivery
  • Video feedback
  • Video tape of your class work
  • Limited enrollment

Who should attend?

  • All whose success depends on excellent verbal and communication skills.
  • Executives, Attorneys, Technology Experts, Financial Experts,
  • Business leaders who need to inspire their teams
  • Corporate leaders who realize speaking skills will elevate their careers
  • Sales People who give presentations before groups or committees
  • Entrepreneurs who realize speaking can add to their visibility and marketing
  • Authors who need direction to convert their book to a speech

Types of presentations:

  • Informative, persuasive, & motivational presentations
  • Sales Presentations
  • Conference & meetings
  • Formal presentations
  • One-on-one communications
  • In-house communications
  • Technical talks for technically challenged audiences

For more information, please contact Voice Power Studios at sandram@voicepowerstudios or by phone at 1-877-273-2455 or 1-505-466-6500.

What Our Customers Say

These are some of our clients who have worked with Sandra McKnight and have achieved outstanding results.

Sandra McKnight's coaching and practical exercises made me improve my oral communication, expanding and enpowering my voice. With the techniques I learned, I can better express and communicate my ideas, my passion, in front of a group or person, in business or social meetings, with more clarity and confidence.
Divaldo Suzuki
Immediately after the first class I noticed a dfference in how I controlled my voice and pitch while conducting my meetings. The focused breathing and specifically talking on the exhale was an eye opener. I am looking forward to the next lesson!
Sr. Product Marketing Manager - AT&T
Sandra has really helped me and others in our organization to get our messages across clearly and effectively to our people.
Keith Reese
Vice President - Intel
Sandra is a fantastic speaking coach that you should line up to have in your corner. I signed up for the executive speaking lessons and she took me through a remarkable journey.
Nagaraj Shyam
Support - Symantec