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Sandra is a great voice coach, speech coach and accent reduction coach. I look at my executive speaking in an entirely new way and the results have been very rewarding. She opened my eye to my potential to connect with people through energy, personal emotion and voice.
-Barry Ridgway, VP of Sales and Marketing Latin America, Microsoft

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Our Awesome Clients

These are some of the clients Voice Power Studios has helped over the past 30 years.

Winning Oral Presentation Training

We coach your proposal team to deliver the same outstanding proposal orally as you have on paper. We believe you win by creating an excellent solution to what the customer asked for in their RFP and then selling your proposal to the evaluators with confidence, credibility, enthusiasm and professionalism.

There has been an increase in requests for an oral component on Government proposals, because the evaluators want to see and hear whom they are hiring. Therefore, it is vital that you create a “lead presence:” that you create a picture of your team as a confident, professional, and poised group of credible experts that the evaluators will enjoy working with for the duration of the contract.

We specialize in coaching technical and professional experts who have limited or no previous presentation experience and suddenly are thrust into high-pressure presentation roles.

Our Goals for Your Team

  • To make your oral presentation come alive by bringing forth the individual passion, expertise and enthusiasm of each presenter.
  • To give your team complete control over all aspects of their presentation so that they deliver the message precisely the way they envision.

Voice Power Studios provides you overall direction of your presentation performance and one-on-one/ team training in:

  • Presentation delivery techniques
  • Blocking and Staging techniques
  • Performance techniques for working in front of Video Cameras
  • Answering questions with confidence and professionalism

One-on-one or team coaching includes:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • Visualization, body movement and gestures,
  • Communication skills, voice projection, enunciation,
  • Animation, energy management and team dynamics, flow and timing,
  • Positive word choice, grammar, vocabulary, words that sell,
  • Creating a stage presence that gets audience attention and approval,
  • Image and public persona development,
  • Motivational support and coaching
  • Question and answer techniques, and media staging.

All sessions include videotaping and instructor feedback.

Sandra McKnight's extensive experience in performing, coaching and directing enables her to coach and motivate your presenters to engage the selection board and to WIN. To read more on Sandra click here.

In addition Voice Power Studios provides professional training in film, television and radio techniques. We also work with outstanding professional videographers who provide an immediate, real time video of your presentation for the evaluators. Non-disclosure is implicit in all dealings with oral proposal clients. We keep confidential the proposal that we support until after contract award.


“You brought out the ‘actor’ in each of our presenters, allowing them to develop a stage presence and confidence in their abilities without diminishing the message”.
Al Collie, Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation

“The coaching of Sandra in our oral proposal presentation was absolutely outstanding and clearly instrumental in our winning a most significant TRW contract”
Jim Lozito, Senior Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation

For more information, please contact Voice Power Studios at sandram@voicepowerstudios or by phone at 1-877-273-2455 or 1-505-466-6500.

What Our Customers Say

These are some of our clients who have worked with Sandra McKnight and have achieved outstanding results.

Sandra McKnight's coaching and practical exercises made me improve my oral communication, expanding and enpowering my voice. With the techniques I learned, I can better express and communicate my ideas, my passion, in front of a group or person, in business or social meetings, with more clarity and confidence.
Divaldo Suzuki
Immediately after the first class I noticed a dfference in how I controlled my voice and pitch while conducting my meetings. The focused breathing and specifically talking on the exhale was an eye opener. I am looking forward to the next lesson!
Sr. Product Marketing Manager - AT&T
Sandra has really helped me and others in our organization to get our messages across clearly and effectively to our people.
Keith Reese
Vice President - Intel
Sandra is a fantastic speaking coach that you should line up to have in your corner. I signed up for the executive speaking lessons and she took me through a remarkable journey.
Nagaraj Shyam
Support - Symantec