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Private Voice Coaching

Customized Private Voice and Speech Coaching

Do you want to use your voice to engage, motivate and inspire others, and sell your ideas?

Is speaking with confidence, authority, self-assurance, persuasiveness and power important to advancing your career and increasing your business success?

Do you want to:

  • Sound confident and self-assured?
  • Sound powerful and persuasive?
  • Project authority and credibility?
  • Articulate your words clearly and distinctly?
  • Engage people immediately with your voice tone?
  • Speak with executive presence?
  • Speak louder and less soft-spoken?
  • Slow your speaking rate to be easily understood?
  • Sound less nasal and squeaky and more resonant?
  • Sound less child-like and more mature?
  • Speak less monotone and more expressively?
  • Modify your accent for greater speaking clarity?
  • Deliver presentations that keep people’s attention?

If so our customized private voice coaching and speech coaching programs can help you. All voice training is conducted by telephone and scheduled at your convenience.

Want to engage, motivate and inspire others?
Call 1-877-783-2455 for your Free 20-minute voice coaching analysis, with Executive Voice & Speech Coach, Sandra McKnight.

According to a study published in Psychology Today, the sound of your speaking voice is much more important in making a first impression than what you actually say. Your voice communicates powerful non-verbal messages as you speak.

Unfortunately, we all can’t sound like James Earl Jones or Meryl Streep, however with “Voice Training Techniques for Success”, we can level the playing field.

Robert, general manager for a major US company, needed to sound like a VP. Although he had excellent skills, his boss felt that he didn’t sound authoritative enough in meetings and wouldn’t promote him to be leader of a division. Robert’s potential for advancement and increased income became limited by the sound of his voice. Together we created a confident, powerful, resonant, well-articulated, persuasive sounding voice.

Karen, VP of international sales, sounded too childlike and talked very fast when conducting telephone business meetings, with well over 80 people from all over the US on the call. Together we created a confident, mature, low-pitched, well-projected, articulate sounding voice.

Discover how our Voice and Speech Coaching programs can help you!
Call 1-877-783-2455 for your Free 20 minute voice coaching analysis with Executive Voice & Speech Coach, Sandra McKnight.

Your Voice is a catalyst for creating action. Speak with power and confidence and I guarantee you will reach your goals and objectives in your conversations, sales calls, interviews, presentations, teleconferences, tele-seminars, webinars, negotiations and much more!

Read what clients are saying.

"Now I feel confident speaking in a professional context, because I know I sound knowledgeable and mature. Sandra helped me to develop a completely new voice. I switched jobs and during my interview with my new manager, I made a very positive first impression simply because I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. I am so glad I contacted Sandra; not only did she help me drop my girly, nasal voice, she gave me a newfound sense of confidence to express myself." -Kate Pazoles, Personal Banker, HSBC Bank

"Sandra’s voice coaching gave me a positive speaking voice. For years, I struggled to be a good communicator and was totally unaware of the negative voice patterns I had picked up. With the help of Sandra's voice coaching, I am experiencing more positive and productive interactions at work. And,my relationship with my wife has never been better. The results have been phenomenal! I highly recommend Voice Power Studios.”-Matt Mendrala, CTO, An Internet Company

“Your Voice is Power in Business” Voice and Speech Coaching Programs include these “Voice Training Techniques for Success”!

  1. Your individualized Voice Image
  2. Breathing Exercises: the foundation for a strong Voice.
  3. Talking on the out breath: giving your voice energy and confidence.
  4. Pronunciation exercises: for clear and articulate speech
  5. Speech melody: for a colorful and expressive sound.
  6. Projection exercises: to engage the listener consistently.
  7. Volume Control: to be easily heard by any audience.
  8. Speech flow and rhythm: for a more dynamic speech delivery.
  9. Grammar exercises to insure credibility
  10. Accent modification exercises to be easily understood.

Use Your Voice to Speak with Confidence and Power, and Be More Successful!

Are you ready to discover how Executive Voice and Speech coaching can help you advance in your career and increase your income?

Call 1- 877-783-2455 for your free 20-minute voice coaching analysis, with Executive Voice & Speech Coach, Sandra McKnight or sign up below.