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As a success-oriented person I know you want to find out how your voice can help you to be more successful and advance in your career.

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  • Do you suffer from anxiety because your voice doesn't engage your audience?
  • Are you embarrassed when you're always quiet in meetings when it's your turn to speak?
  • Does fear grip your belly when you're asked your opinion on an important matter?







  • Create a positive impression by not trailing off at the end of your sentences.
  • Radiate a positive image by replacing your Uh-huhs and uh hums with a "pause".
  • Communicate dynamically and expressively… by adding colorful adjectives and descriptive phrases that make your ideas come alive in the mind of the listener.
  • Emphasize the "power words" in each sentence to quickly convey your meaning.
  • Achieve clarity and credibility as a speaker by pronouncing all consonants clearly.
  • Project an energetic & confident voice by breathing in and speaking with the exhale.
  • Engage your audience by speaking in short phrases that have rhythm & flow.
  • Maintain your listener's interest & comprehension by speaking between 140-160 wpm.
  • Throw your voice one foot beyond the listener to easily be heard in a noisy environment.

Here are even more Voice Power Speaking Skill Secrets To Enhance your Speaking Style

1. Achieve clarity and credibility by pronouncing all consonants clearly.
2. Build audience content retention by speaking between140-160 words per minute.
3. Increase your volume by projecting your voice one foot beyond the listener.
4. Project an energetic/confident voice by breathing in and speaking with the exhale.
5. Create a positive impression by not trailing off at the ends of your sentences.
6. Convey your meaning quickly by emphasizing the "power words" in each phrase.
7. Use the "Pause" as a replacement for the Uh-huh and uh-hums….
8. Engage your audience by speaking in short phrases that have rhythm and flow.
9. Communicate dynamically and expressively by adding colorful adjectives and descriptive phrases that make your ideas come alive in the mind of the listener.



How to test the speed of your speaking voice



Find your favorite piece of written material. Set up a stop watch for one minute and read out loud at your normal speed. After a minute, go back and count every word. If you count less than 140 words per minute you need to speed up and if you count more than 160 words you need to slow down. If you need to correct your speed, try the exercise again, this time either slowing down or increasing your speed. Notice what you hear and feel when speaking at the correct speed.

Voice Power Speaking Skills Self-Assessment
These questions are designed to help you decide if you feel your speaking style is EFFECTIVE.

1. Do you feel that your voice projects power and self-confidence? Yes/No.
2. Do you have energy and enthusiasm in your voice? Yes/No.
3. Does your voice resonate authority and believability? Yes/No.
4. Do you keep 90% of your listener's attention when you are speaking? Yes/No
5. Do you know how you sound and the affect your voice has on others? Yes/No.
6. Does your voice convey your thoughts and emotions accurately? Yes/No.
7. Do you speak too fast or too slow? Yes/ No
8. Do you speak too loud or too soft and timidly? Yes/No
9. Do you speak in a boring monotone with no excitement and vitality? Yes/No
10. Is your pronunciation clear and easily understood? Yes/No.
11. Do you appear preoccupied and nervous sounding? Yes/No
12. Do you use a lot of filler words? Like, so and Uh-huh. Yes/No
13. Does your voice engage the heart, mind and imagination of the listener? Yes/No.
14. Are you earning the respect and trust of your business colleagues and the public by communicating effectively? Yes/No


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What clients are saying!

" I am creating tremendous results both in my personal and professional life with the power of my voice. As a realtor that specializes in foreclosure and short sale, I have 4 deals that I am working on right now and I attribute my success to the self-confidence that I've built through working with Sandy. It's a great journey discovering my "voice power."----Karen Retardo, Foreclosure and Short Sale specialist

"Working with Sandra has completely transformed the way I express myself!  I now speak with strength and confidence......catching the attention of the listener and keeping their attention.  Thank you Sandra for improving my personal and professional are so good at what you do!" NYC Actress and Model


“I am speaking with confidence now, and being more assertive. As a result of my voice training, I have gained the respect of both my colleagues and upper level management. Working with Sandra has been amazing. My newfound confidence has me performing at a higher level!”----- Sawsan Sharif, AVP/Administrative Manager/ Legal Services, City National Bank, Los Angeles