Happy Sounding People Win!

We are at the beginning of the year and people are wishing each other Happy New Year!  This year let’s resolve to put the “positive vocal inflection” on the word Happy!  

A happy sounding voice combined with a smile brings the best out in others and at the same time the best out in our selves.  Let’s make a resolution to project positivity in our voice.

When I was a teenager, many years ago, I was friends with Dellene, a little girl who lived across the street and who had been born with an inverted palate.  Only her parents, her brother Ralph and I were able to understand her.

However, the sound of her voice was always happy.  Her mother would say, “Dellene was born happy, and when she is old enough we will get her speech handicap corrected”. 

To this day, I believe that most people are born happy and we need to own that natural state. It is easy to train your voice to sound happy and believe it or not you can’t sound happy without being happy. 

Have you ever had someone say, “I wish I could explain why the sound of your voice makes me so happy and how your smile warms my heart”? 

The word Happy is one that everyone understands. Being happy makes you get present with people. Remember most people like to be around positive sounding people because it uplifts them.  

Your voice is a powerful tool to express yourself. Learn how to sound happy, confident, self-assured articulate, expressive and stand in your own power. 

Step one is to recognize that the sound of your voice is what carries the feeling behind the words.  Don’t just depend on the word to get you message across. 

Happiness and positivity are feelings and they get expressed through the sound of your voice, your facial gestures and body language. 

When I was in Bhutan recently, a reincarnated lama told me that the most powerful way to connect with anyone was through your smile and the sound of your voice.  He said, never forget, people feel your energy. 

I feel certain that everyone knows how to smile!  And to sound happy and positive is pretty easy. Just follow these tips.

  1. Inhale and speak on the exhale so that your sound is open, free and well supported.  Most people do this naturally when asked to sing.
  2. Project your voice toward the person you are smiling at while keeping eye contact at the same time.
  3. Make sure that you are loud enough to be easily heard.  This requires taking a big enough breath.
  4. And when saying the word “Happy”, inflect upward to a slightly higher pitch on the second syllable. The objective is to change pitches between the syllables.  So you can go from low to a higher pitch or from a higher pitch to a lower pitch.
  5. If you are saying the phrase, “Happy New Year!” emphasize your words by contrasting the pitch between the words.
  6. When speaking longer thoughts pay special attention to emphasizing words in your thoughts by varying both the pitch and the volume of the meaningful words that carry the vocal feeling of your thoughts. 

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