Do You Love Your Own Voice?

In my 20 years of voice coaching, over 60% of my clients tell me,  "I hate my voice when I hear it on the voice mail."  “Why?” I ask. "I don’t know!" they say! "Ah! Could it be that it is not your voice?"

I go on to tell them that unless either a school speech pathologist or a medical doctor has said there is a problem with your speaking skills, you most likely have taken your speech/voice for granted and are not aware that “speaking like a master” is a powerful tool that will help you get what you want out of life.
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Voice Training, The Law of Attraction & Hypnotherapy Can Work in Your World!

I have stated a few times in the VPS speech and voice coaching blog, that I know that improving your voice to sound confident, self-assured, articulate and powerful definitely can attract new relationships, new money, new jobs into your life.

It is very simple process that takes a little time, energy, and practice.  When you become what you wish to attract you bring that into you’re your life. When you know on a gut level that money, jobs, relationships are there for you, that knowingness changes the way you talk, your behavior and what you expect for yourself.
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Voice Training, Hypnotherapy and Stuttering!

Recently a 21-year-old man who had stuttered horribly from an early age and had already worked with many speech pathologists, psychologists and medical doctors, called hoping that I might have a different voice training approach that could help him.

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The Law of Attraction III

Use Your Voice and Attract What you Want in Your Life.

President Obama said in his speech to congress, “If you drop out of school you are not only hurting yourself but you are hurting your country”.  I feel that learning to speak well is the core of your communication and without it you are hurting yourself and your chances for success in whatever it is you want to do in your life.

Let me give you two examples of how a voice/speaking skill has become a differentiator in today’s market place.

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The Law of Attraction Part I

This Holiday season let your voice attract the people, circumstances and money you want in your life.

Your Voice has tremendous potential to attract because it sends a powerful signal to others when you speak. It is to your advantage to have control of your voice quality, which is the essence of your speaking sound.

Your Voice Quality expresses your emotional color. And that color is what you use to convey the feelings associated with your thoughts. Your thoughts are a form of energy that is transmitted through the quality of your voice. That quality establishes the tone of your relationship with an audience, or with an individual to whom you’re meeting for the first time. If your voice is full, clear, mellow and enthusiastic you can create an unbreakable bond of friendship and acceptance.

A positive voice quality works best when networking at Holiday events, chatting over Holiday dinners, or singing and praying in the service of your choice.

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