Public Speaking & Your Voice

To date public speaking has received the most votes in our VPS poll that asks “When is a Great Voice important for you.” As it is said, for many people, the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of dying. I have always thought this is a huge exaggeration.

Susan Jeffers, author of “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” states that if, what you fear most happens, the bigger fear will be that you won’t be able to handle it. The solution to not being able to handle it is to continually tell yourself that you can handle it. It is not how well you handle it, just that you will handle it. And the more you handle it, the more the fear dissipates.

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THE ENERGY OF THE HUMAN VOICE: The reason for not emailing

I feel the goal of speaking well is for your voice to touch the heart, mind, and imagination of your listener. The personal energy of your speaking voice is vital to reaching the consciousness of your listener. The Energy is your breath.

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The Powerful Sound of Success!

Jay, the CEO of a strategic advisory and investment banking business, learned that speaking with confidence and power during his weekly webinar marketing program was one of the most important things he could do to maintain and build his client base during our world wide economic downturn. He decided to use the power of his voice to engage both new and established clients and to empower them on both a personal and informational level.
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Excel in Your next Job Interview

With the down turn in the worldwide economy, one needs to continually look for ways to excel in your job or get that new job. That is why voice training is more urgent than ever.

If you have a job you like and you want to keep your competitive edge, using your voice to communicate more effectively will help you to generate new sales, increase your income, and build lasting professional relationships for the future.
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Market your Business with a Radio Show!

Congratulations to Richard, one of my clients from a financial firm, for realizing his dream of producing and starring in his own radio talk show, and thereby creating a sphere of influence, which is bringing new clients to his company. It was personally challenging and a great achievement for him.

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