Can Voice and Speech Coaching help an English as a Second Language speaker?

In the Voice Power Studios weekly free voice training analyses, I am often asked for accent modification help by business professionals who are highly educated and highly qualified for their jobs, but due to their foreign accents find that their co workers cannot easily understand them.

These frustrated English and a second language speakers tell me that they are speaking with correct grammar and many of them have tried to communicate more clearly by speaking slower. And this is a good idea; however speaking too slowly and deliberately can give the impression of not having a clear, accurate and powerful response and/or not knowing the English language very well. In addition if you use a lot of filler words like (ah) or (uhm) you will definitely lose the attention of your listener who may be an important client, your boss, or the CEO of the company.

Want to find out the quickest way to use your voice to increase your speaking skills?

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Leadership, Charisma and Power!

Charisma: A special charm or allure that inspires allegiance or devotion.
Leadership: The ability to guide others.
Power: The ability to act or do with great influence, force or authority.(1)

I believe:

  • All three of these are reflected in the sound of the human voice.
  • That the human voice is the catalyst for creating action and,
  • That the power of the human voice can make a difference for the better in a family, an organization, a corporation or a government.
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Can Your Voice Increase Sales? Absolutely!

Recently I had a call from a Sales and Training Director in charge of 300 telephone sales representatives. She said, “Most of my sales reps speak 8-10 hours a day and after a couple of hours, they sound robotic, tired, and uninterested. I believe that our company could increase sales by training our sales reps in voice and speaking skills.

“Right now, my reps work the numbers and feel that if they talk to X number of people per hour, they are sure to close X number of sales. This is a commission only job which requires a high school education, however, I believe with a better sounding voice and speaking skills each rep could take home a big paycheck, grossing over $50,000 a year. “ My goal is for our sales reps and our company to increase sales 3% in the coming year”.

“How can you help”?

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Do you want a Leadership Voice?

Do you want to command attention, and inspire and motivate people to take action?

Lately while conducting Voice Power Studios’ weekly free voice analyses, I have found both men and women telling me that in order to advance in their jobs they need to sound like a leader. There have been so many requests for a leadership voice that I felt our readers needed to know more about this.

An independent consultant from a leading accounting firm said he needed to build trust and credibility in order to be more influential in his presentations. Another VP in a leading pharmaceutical told me that he was too soft spoken and didn’t articulate clearly. An IT professional mentioned that he spoke very fast in a monotone voice.

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Do you want “Speaker Power”?

Do you want to feel completely at ease and close every sale?

Mr. Chen, sales director for a multinational Hong based company, is very outgoing, energetic, intelligent, charming, fluent in both Chinese and English, and loves talking with people. He talked very fast, in both English and Chinese and his English pronunciation needed some improvement.
“When I present in English at a western sales conference or a multinational company, I want to feel completely at ease and close every sale,” he stated.

“Mr. Chen, whether you are speaking Chinese or English, if you expect your listeners to assimilate your meaning, you should be speaking at about 140 words per minute”.

“But they will get bored,” he replied, “and I will lose their attention.”

“ On the contrary, when you say your English words clearly it will slow your speech and help you to channel your wonderful energy toward engaging the audience—Say your words as clearly as possible and make doubly sure you say the ends of all your words.”

“When you speak fast, people have trouble concentrating, get frustrated and stop listening. They can even become slightly hostile, feel you are wasting their time or speaking down to them. By the time you are ready to close the deal, you may have lost their interest and enthusiasm.”

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