How to Use your Voice to Sell Effectively, part 2

How you can use your voice to sell your ideas. In the film, “Iron Lady”, Meryl Streep, who just won the academy award for playing the lead role of Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister of the UK, dramatically demonstrated how Mrs. Thatcher changed her voice and changed her entire public image. Mrs. Thatcher’s decision was pivotal to being elected. Why?

Mrs. Thatcher’s political associates made it perfectly clear to her that her voice was too high pitched, and had a bit of a warble and that her voice would make it difficult for her to win over all the male candidates in her first major election. She was the only woman running and was surrounded by male candidates who would hear her as lacking credibility and authority and use it against her.  Also the voters would be affected by the quality of Mrs. Thatcher’s voice.

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How to Use Your Voice to Sell

Consciously using your voice to sell your ideas, products and services will give you a competitive edge in the market place. Why? Because most sales people have no awareness of how they sound and that the sound of their voice is holding them back.

Many sales people, especially telephone salespeople, speak to fast, because they are working the numbers strategy which is if they speak to X number of customers per hour they are bound to close some of them. Of course this requires speaking fast and making a snap judgment as to whether the customer has the money and/or the interest in buying.

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Would you tell a colleague that their voice is hard to understand?

Voice Power Studios asked the following question to the social networks, “Would you tell someone who is required to speak in public in a business environment that they have a voice that is hard to understand.” Out of the many responses we received, I would like to share two which, I feel, reflect a communication trend that has been developing for some time.

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The Pocket Voice Coach ™ Build a Great Speaking Voice

Many of my busy executive clients find it difficult to find the time to practice their speaking voice skills. Therefore I have created the Pocket Voice Coach ™, designed to help one conveniently practice the speaking exercises necessary to permanently build a great speaking voice.

The Pocket Voice Coach ™ first offering is a seven minute” Speaking Voice Affirmation & Voice Warm-Up” and will be available as a download in January and as an App in February.

I recommend that you use it daily to focus your conversational voice delivery and before all presentations, teleconferences and any important speaking event at which you want to make an outstanding impression.

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Voice coaching speech coaching passing the telephone Interview!

Yesterday, a young man named Dillon, who recently graduated with a MBA from Colorado University called for a free voice analysis. He said, “I need a job and I know that I need to do everything possible to give myself an edge in today’s very tight job market.” “What I need is a more confident and authoritative speaking voice to get past the first telephone interview.” “What can you do for me”?

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